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Tas | an Artist With Authenticity & Originality in the Making


Tas | an Artist With Authenticity & Originality in the Making

We can all agree that the music industry is crowded with remarkable artists in all your favorite genres. While making it into the industry is terrifying, if you’re lucky enough, sometimes all it takes is just one good song for some artists to catch the attention of the masses. But that is not the case for some, and Tas starting from humble beginnings, has proven to be a cut above the rest.

The artist, Tas, has his sights set high with the release of his recent album “Acta Non Verba,” which is on track to surpass more than a million streams on Spotify in just a few months. 

Additionally, in the upcoming months, we’re told the artist is releasing a new house album, “777”, on the 20th of November, 2022.

After listening to “Acta Non Verba” we’re very excited to experience was “777” has to offer since the artist is pivoting a bit on the genre side here. However, we’re expecting the artist to deliver something unique, authentic, and worth listening like his previous project.

This multi-talented musician is keen on suiting the population with his prodigious music that embraces the goal of inspiring fans worldwide as much as possible.

He’s determined to help new and upcoming artists like himself by collaborating with them, building strong relationships, giving the artists an additional platform, and hopefully producing or engineering for a few legends.

Adam Tassone (better known as Tas) is confidently becoming a musician worth watching for a reason. Not only for fans but for artists as well. Since he is adaptable and well versed in many genres, he’s naturally well suited to inspire with authentic storytelling and an a unique approach to producing. 

If you’ve followed his music over the years like we have, you’ll realize the authenticity and the effort he puts into all his projects and songs. 

Listeners have also mentioned how they commend his art of being divergent. We’re assuming this is why the artist has gained a lot of followers and streams in just a few months. As we’ve heard he likes being open to more than one genre and is experimental about everything. 

One thing we know here at Disrupt Weekly, is turning experiences to passion and pieces of creative work is no easy task.

Tas has a clear path in which he makes and produces his music. It’s clearly genuine, transparent, and something that anyone can relate to his pain and experiences in life. It’s no doubt his most recent project has garnered as many streams as it has. Fans simply appreciate authenticity and sheer hard work when it comes to an artist connecting with their own music.

If you’re in search of guidance, motivation, passion, inspiration, and types of emotion that you would want in a song, Tas will have it. This is how he connects with his fans, and it’s clear he loves what he does.

We commend Tas for keeping it honest, too. (just listen to a few songs)

Unlike most artists who are only in it for the money, it’s very obvious Tas appreciates his fans. He’s mentioned that inspiring them is the sole reason he is dedicated to working hard on every piece of music he puts releases. 

We see originality and authenticity in everything he says and does.

It’s one of the reasons we’re extremely excited to see what he does next with his new house album, “777.”

You can find all his socials and music, and wait for the release of his new house album 777 here.

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