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Breaking Barriers, Creating Masterpieces: Tish Dinkins’ Coaching Odyssey


Breaking Barriers, Creating Masterpieces: Tish Dinkins’ Coaching Odyssey

Meet Tish Dinkins, a beacon of inspiration and transformation in the realm of coaching. Through her innovative techniques and unwavering passion, she has empowered countless individuals to break through barriers and unleash their full potential.

In a recent interview, Tish revealed remarkable success stories from her coaching program. Take Heather, for instance, who sought solace in a painting event amidst life’s challenges. Witnessing her staff and friends create unique masterpieces filled Heather with joy and fulfillment, igniting a desire to spread this experience to others.

Then there’s Kate, who found serenity in a team-building art activity, discovering a newfound sense of creativity and camaraderie among her colleagues. These anecdotes exemplify the transformative power of Tish’s coaching.

Addressing skepticism about coaching, Tish emphasizes the value of learning from those who have walked the path to success. Investing in oneself, she argues, is the key to unlocking one’s true potential and achieving lasting fulfillment.

As a successful coach, Tish embodies qualities of expertise, genuine passion, and unwavering support for her clients. Her experience as an author has further honed her skills in communication and promotion, enriching her coaching strategies.

Looking ahead, Tish envisions her coaching business reaching new heights of demand, even considering expansion through franchising. By staying attuned to market demands and embracing change, she aims to remain a trailblazer in the coaching industry.

Inspired by her own journey of self-discovery through art, Tish founded her coaching business to share the transformative power of creativity with professionals. Her story serves as a testament to the profound impact of embracing passion and pursuing one’s dreams.

In essence, Tish Dinkins is not just a coach; she is a catalyst for change, guiding individuals towards a brighter, more fulfilling future. Get ready to embark on a journey of transformation with Tish by your side.

Could you share a few success stories of clients who have achieved remarkable transformations through your coaching program? 

A client named Heather booked a painting event to spend some personal time with her staff and a couple of her friends for her birthday. She also mentioned how she wanted it to lift her spirits after going through some challenges in her life at that time. All in attendance were absolutely fascinated and curious about the painting techniques that they were using since this was very foreign to them, and they too had never heard of this art form. They were absolutely shocked at the amazing creations they made as a result of just going all in and following instructions. But the most satisfying comments were made by Heather days after the event. She talked about how joyful and carefree everyone felt during the actual process and how having full control over their individual works was so self-fulfilling. Each piece was unique and special, literally one of a kind masterpieces (which is also different from how the typical paint party companies teach today). She also noted how she was totally inspired and how she felt that others deserve to feel the same.

Another client, Kate, was a participant in a team building art event that was held at her place of employment. She decided to choose her favorite colors (which were neon pink, metallic purple, turquoise, and white) to perform the vase pour that the group was doing. (For context, the vase pour is a two for one technique, where you create two artworks from one pour). The vase is placed upside down on top of the canvas, and as you pour the paint onto the vase, the runoff is caught by the canvas, thus creating both pieces. She posted a video of the actual pouring on her Instagram, and she went on to explain how she was sucked into a trance as she watched the glorious colors cascade down the vase in a spiral motion. She goes on to describe the Zen-like feeling that she was experiencing and how she was in her happy place once the process was complete. She also discovered while speaking with her coworkers that they too felt the same way. The experience helped them to get rid of stress, explore their creativity, and sharpen their senses. By working together in a relaxed setting, they were motivated to apply what they learned to their respective professional roles within the company.

Many people are hesitant to seek coaching. What would you say to those who are skeptical about its benefits and the investment required? 

I’ve learned that it’s easier to learn from those that have already been where you’re going than to wing it all on your own. After all, if you speak with any successful person, they will tell you that’s exactly what they did to gain success. This goes for any and all industries, from business, entertainment, government, you name it. If you want to become a surgeon, you go to medical school to learn from top surgeons. If you want to become a police officer, you go to the police academy to learn from the best officers. Being an entrepreneur and coach is no different. In order to learn the information you need to transform into the person required to reach your goals, you must invest in yourself and give yourself a chance to learn from the best. You will save yourself time and many headaches by following what already works, or else it will take you many lifetimes to achieve your goals (if ever).

In your opinion, what are the essential qualities or characteristics that make a successful coach, and how do you nurture these traits in yourself and your clients? 

A successful coach obviously has to have proven to be successful and very knowledgeable in their chosen field. They also have to have a genuine passion to help their clients reach or even exceed their level of success. Earning money from clients cannot be the sole focus for a successful coach, but having a vested interest in guiding their client towards success should definitely be there. This means offering tough love in the form of what the clients need to hear and not what they want to hear, especially if it’s to their detriment. Coaches also must understand that providing this guidance doesn’t give them permission to disrespect and demean the client. True guidance involves providing encouragement and firm instructions to be followed. If both parties agree and understand the terms of the relationship upfront, then success is imminent, granted everyone successfully fulfills their obligations. In the end, the coach-client relationship will be one that should last and have the common goal of changing society for the better. I sincerely believe this and constantly strive to have this type of relationship with all my clients.

How has your experience as an author influenced your coaching techniques and strategies?

Becoming an author has helped me sharpen skills that I previously only used on occasion. Improving my writing and instruction abilities through publishing has helped me improve my communication and promoting skills to my clients and the public at large. Since I’ve seen firsthand how being an author has helped gain me exposure and sharpened my business skills, I now recommend book writing to clients or anyone in general that mentions that they want to write (especially if they are a business owner).

What do you envision for the future of your coaching business, and how do you plan to evolve and adapt to changing market demands?

I envision my services to be in such high demand that I would have to duplicate myself in the form of franchising. I will continue to publish literature and speak around the world to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams. I also envision that I will have a huge market share of the online learning space. One thing the pandemic taught us is that we have to adapt our way of living and earning money based on the unpredictable conditions that affect our world. Staying knowledgeable about changes in my industry and current events will help me to make informed decisions and pivot when necessary.

What inspired you to start your coaching business, and what specific areas do you focus on in your coaching practice?

I remember it like it was yesterday – the day I discovered “it”. I came home one day after a grueling and stressful day at my toxic place of employment. As usual, I would change into comfortable clothing, grab a snack, and turn the television on. I didn’t watch anything other than YouTube videos, mainly from motivational, self-help, or art channels. This particular day I was in the mood to watch art, and as I was scrolling on my timeline, I saw a thumbnail of an artist that was pouring paint onto a canvas. Naturally, I was intrigued, so I clicked. The artist was a Canadian by the name of Olga Soby, and she absolutely captured my attention for the duration of the video. She was creating art in a style I had never heard of before, known as fluid art (an abstract art form). Her color choice, the way she poured the paint into the canvas, and the intricate techniques she used to create her composition absolutely captivated me. I was immediately hooked, and thus began a journey down a rabbit hole I have yet to climb out of. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a year as far as watching tons of videos from several fluid artists and eventually purchasing supplies to begin creations of my own. But the true discovery was the way the process made me feel and the improvement I noticed in my mood and behavior after diving into this new art journey. The icing on the cake was the amazing and beautiful masterpieces that I had created as a result of submitting to the process and letting things flow. Not only was a new art practice started but a new outlook on dealing with stress at work was born! After noticing how my work and my attitude improved at work, I was inspired to share this amazing discovery with other professionals. That’s when my art business was born!

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