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‘Kougars’ – A Bold New Take on Love Across Generations


‘Kougars’ – A Bold New Take on Love Across Generations

In her latest book, ‘Kougars,’ Dr. L.C. Bruce challenges the traditional dating norms that often dictate who should love whom and at what age. The book tells the story of five professional women who aren’t afraid to defy societal expectations by dating men much younger—sometimes even by decades. These women, empowered and unapologetic, navigate the complexities of their choices with both resilience and grace.

Bruce’s narrative isn’t just about dating younger men; it’s a broader call for personal freedom and the empowerment of women in their romantic lives. Each character in ‘Kougars‘ showcases a different aspect of this dynamic, from the wealthy woman seeking genuine companionship to those simply looking for a bit of fun. This mix not only adds depth to her message but also makes for a rich, engaging read.

Drawing from her background as an educator and psychologist, Bruce enriches her story with insights into the human psyche, making ‘Kougars’ not only relatable but also a reflective mirror on society’s often harsh judgments. Described as unique, rejuvenating, and empowering, the book invites readers to think critically about the invisible barriers they face in their personal lives.

Kougars – by Dr. L.C. Bruce

Beyond the book, Bruce is a creator in motion. She’s currently working on a television series based on ‘Kougars,’ alongside building a brand that includes a line of fashionable merchandise, skincare products, and fragrances. Her ambitious projects don’t stop there; she’s also penning a sequel to ‘Kougars’ and venturing into children’s literature.

Bruce’s primary hope is that her readers—especially women of a more mature age—realize that they are free to choose their partners without being tethered by age constraints. Her message is clear: embrace your choices with boldness and elegance, and don’t let societal judgments cloud your pursuit of happiness.

Kougars’ is more than a book; it’s a movement, one that Bruce is nurturing through her various creative endeavors and through active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Lemon8, where she and her readers celebrate the ‘Kougar’ lifestyle.

For anyone curious about breaking free from conventional relationship roles or just looking for an engaging read that mixes romance with rebellion, ‘Kougars’ by L.C. Bruce Ph.D., available on Amazon, is a testament to the power of living one’s truth in the face of societal expectations.

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