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Swagg Dinero | John Coleman Is Our Favorite Underrated Rapper


Swagg Dinero | John Coleman Is Our Favorite Underrated Rapper

Swagg Dinero, real name John Coleman hails from Chicago and is a dynamo in the American rap industry. From all the inspirational stories we hear about hard work and dedication that leads people to success, Swagg Dinero’s story makes the top list.

He is the epitome of the saying, “never give up,” because he always persevered despite the multiple setbacks he experienced throughout his career. That has paid off because today, he is one of the most successful artists in the industry.

His story starts in a familiar tone, like for many struggling artists, someone trying to make it in the brutal world of Hollywood. And the journey was never easy for Swagg Dinero because the competition was tough with an already high influx of rappers and similar artists in the business.

Coming from a blended family, he was the son of a Mexican mother and an African-American father. Already experiencing a mix of different cultures throughout his life at home, Coleman was meant for something bigger. Adding to his impressive repertoire is the type of music he produces.

Unlike the traditional hip-hop rap that most people are aware of, his has the influence of trap or drill music. As the crowd of listeners moved towards hip-hop and trap music, his segue into the music industry was impactful.

Then the unimaginable happened. Just when Coleman was ready to make it in the music industry, in 2012, his brother, Lil Jojo, was killed in reported gang violence. As would anyone, Coleman found this to be a significant setback in his mental and emotional state.

Struggling to come to terms with his brother’s unfortunate death, he fully immersed himself in music, paving the way for his emotions to come out as music.

Although the incident was a significant change in his life, Swagg Dinero tries to look at the bright side and say that the incident is what turned his life around. Just like how other people’s lives change because of different experiences, his life also turned, and this was unexcitedly for the best. Swagg Dinero found himself delving deep into music and slowly gaining the recognition he deserved through the music he made.

He says, “The trauma set deep inside me, and to tackle my inner ghosts, I started getting involved with music, which turned out to have a positive impact on my career.”

And today, he is easily one of the top hip-hop and rap artists with an enormous following. He also releases music videos on YouTube that have garnered at least a million views, specifically the one titled, ‘Have It All,’ where he is with his brother.

It’s not uncommon to see artists today who are super successful yet still have their feet planted firmly on the ground, and this is precisely what perfectly explains the life of Swagg Dinero. People found a way to resonate with Dinero’s loss, and he found comfort in writing and making music.

Winning millions of hearts with his music, he has won even more with the noble causes he takes the initiative for. He is a prominent figure in active charity services like Back To School Supplies Giveaways, Celebrity Basketball Games, Turkey Giveaways, and Toy Drives.

In addition, he also built various businesses that aid in the unemployment problem in his community and has also released a book called. Now he’s looking forward to his journey as an actor.

Despite his huge success, you will see Swagg taking up initiatives to do community service and make impactful decisions that influence other people’s lives in the best way possible. Although he has been dragged through the gutter to reach where he is today, he does not take it for granted.

Instead, he is always giving back to society and active in community service, which makes him even more lovable in the eyes of the public.

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