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Angel Heart – Turning Pain into Power with ‘Always My Light’


Angel Heart – Turning Pain into Power with ‘Always My Light’

In the dynamic and diverse landscape of the music industry, where artists often hail from unique backgrounds, Angel Heart stands out as a beacon of transformation. Emerging from a past marked by challenges, she has channeled her experiences into a wellspring of creative energy. Angel Heart’s journey in music is a vivid illustration of how pain can be transmuted into hope, her personal trials serving as the bedrock for her artistic expression. This remarkable transformation has catapulted her to international acclaim, making her a symbol of resilience and the power of music to heal and inspire.

Originally from Malaysia, Angel Heart’s journey started on TikTok in early 2023. She seamlessly attracted an impressive fan base within a few months. Her budding talent could not go unnoticed by music industry moguls. Consequently, she was signed by a recording studio where the producer recognized her potential and encouraged her to channel her experiences into self-written, original songs.

Among her standout works is her soul-stirring second single album, “Always My Light.” The song initially began as a tribute to an ex-partner. However, destiny took an unplanned twist when she discovered his unfaithfulness. Shattered, she found herself in a creative impasse, but it was her producer, the accomplished Tan Boon Huat, who gave her the courage to complete the song. Assuring her of a brighter future, Boon pushed her to transform the song into a message of hope for her future soulmate.

Boon, a veteran in the music industry, hailing from Malaysia, has worked with artists across several countries, including Taiwan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia. His diverse experience and influence has encouraged Angel Heart, prompting her to pen down heartfelt lines, imagining the love and companionship of her future partner. Since then, she has continued to exude optimism and belief in the strength of positive manifestation and love.

Beyond being an acclaimed singer-songwriter, Angel Heart – affectionately referred to as “Dr. Angel” by her friends – is a woman of many talents. Her impressive resume includes her being a doctor, pilot, human rights advocate, and mental health champion. Moreover, her harrowing experience as a domestic abuse survivor pushed her to escape home with her children, journey through different countries, and set international records in her field.

Angel Heart channels these diverse experiences into her music. Singing, for her, is not just a passion but a medium of communication. Prior to her solo journey, she lent her voice to a band, further honing her musical prowess. Today, Angel Heart aspires to spread love, passion, and positivity through her original compositions. She aims to touch people’s lives deeply, encouraging them to cope with their struggles and consequently make the world a more compassionate, understanding, and better place to live.

With her music, Angel Heart serves as a beacon of hope, manifesting how personal pains can turn into strengths, and how past heartbreak can fuel creative brilliance. It is this amalgamation of hard-won wisdom, indomitable spirit, and melodic prowess that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Can we say that music heals? In Angel Heart’s case, it surely does, and it lifts our spirits as well.

Don’t miss out on Angel Heart’s powerful new music video for ‘Always My Light’ – here.

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