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Lecky – Rising Hip-Hop Artist Becomes Voice for Overcoming Adversity


Lecky – Rising Hip-Hop Artist Becomes Voice for Overcoming Adversity

Australian artist Alexander Oswald Mowbray, known by his professional alias “Lecky,” is making huge strides in the global music scene. Born on November 8, 2002, this 21-year-old rising creative has garnered widespread attention for his talents as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Earning acclaim both locally and internationally, the new artist stands out for his unique style and authenticity in terms of music and expression.

Lecky’s journey began relatively early. At 14, he started building instrumentals, setting his trajectory towards eventually becoming a record producer. By 16, he had produced and released his debut song, signaling the start of an impactful journey marked by intense passion and strong creative expression. A notable fact about Lecky is his knack for playing several musical instruments, a skill he cultivated under the guidance of his brother. He also started writing raps at the tender age of seven, further underscoring his commitment to the songwriting.

Currently, Lecky is engrossed in the completion of his forthcoming album “Always & Forever Vol. 1,” set for a release on November 8, 2024. Each of his new releases represents a new peak in his steadily evolving career, underscoring his devotion to artistic growth and self-improvement. His music, which is a blended fusion of R&B and rap, is often described as addictive and defying traditional genre categorization.

Lecky’s latest album, ‘Enemies 2 Lovers’

After uploading numerous projects online for free for many years, Lecky released his second studio album, “Lovers 2 Enemies,” through his Melbourne-based hip-hop collective, LeckyENT, in November 2023. The album received both commercial and critical success, spawning minor hit singles like “LOVE & LUST”, “GOKU”, and “VOLKANOVSKI”. More recently, his latest album “ENEMIES 2 LOVERS,” released on February 10, 2024, has been receiving acclaim with hits like “SECRETS”, “REVERSING TIME”, and “MINUTE MAID” getting substantial play.

Despite his difficult childhood, marked by his father’s incarceration and his eventual placement in a permanent home by the Department of Human Services (DHS), music became Lecky’s refuge. He hopes that his listeners find his works enjoyable and relatable, appreciating the highs and lows music can express. Keeping his fans on their toes, Lecky announced the release of his new single “Midas Touch” coming up in June 2024.

With an entire catalog already waiting to be heard, Lecky has proven to be an artist on the rise that everyone should keep their eye on.

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