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Elsy Guevara | the Entrepreneur Making Waves With OOTDFash


Elsy Guevara | the Entrepreneur Making Waves With OOTDFash

Since a very young age, Elsy Guevara has made headlines in the fashion industry as one of the most popular up-and-coming fashion superstars. When she was just 17 years old, she began her journey into the world of fashion by utilizing social media to grow her career.

What started as a hobby for Elsy Guevara and her sisters soon became a full-blown online business. They posted fashion-related pictures like full-body outfit images and outfit outlays. The impact of their hobby was so enormous that it soon gained a lot of traction online and even caught the attention of fashion giants like Fashion Nova.

The company asked Elsy Guevara to join them in creating content for the brand using her social media presence. Soon, she found herself working full-time for the company. When she was here, she and her sisters launched their line of clothes called OOTDFash. 

Humble beginnings of Elsy Guevara

With humble beginnings, the new OOTDFash brand, born out of one single rack of clothes, is now a full-fledged business garnering fans daily.

While it seems the Guevara sisters had everything handed to them from the outside, this is not the case. There were a lot of obstacles and hurdles they had to cross to get where they are today.

Elsy Guevara has been open about their struggles in the business, even talking about how they wanted to quit the industry because it was that challenging. But with sheer perseverance and never losing hope, Elsy Guevara and her sisters powered through.

One of the main things that Elsy Guevara gives credit to is the growing number of motivational comments left by fans of the brand and the sisters. The ever-increasing social media presence helped them feel motivated to work harder and towards a greater goal while fighting all the challenges thrown their way.

Dealing With Negativity

Like with other social media stars, there was growing negativity with every post, which made the girls feel like they weren’t competent. Indeed they had many positive comments about the outfits they posted online, but critics always found a way to creep into the words. And as expected, potential customers would compare their brand with similar competitors in the field and give them a run for their money.

Because their business was relatively small and just starting up, keeping up with the more prominent companies with more workforce, resources, and experience in the industry was challenging. 

This potent source of disappointment led to the sisters feeling like failures. The cherry on top was that they experienced many betrayals along the way, but the girls never let that bring them down.

Through all the hardship that the Guevara sisters had to endure, they made it through, still holding on to their values and moving on with business as usual. 

If anything, they see it as a hard way for them to learn their lesson in dealing with people in business and use it as an opportunity to grow even more. 

Moving Forward

With all the experiences she has gained from starting a business to dealing with business folks, the brand OOTDFash grew immensely and is still growing to become a well-known fashion brand among customers.

With a sense of responsibility instilled in Elsy Guevara’s mind to pave the way for more people like her, she launched a brand new company called California Wholesale. This company was created with the vision to allow small business owners like herself to get access to affordable apparel and clothing.

She does not view it as a competition growth but a way to help others grow as she grows with her company. Her selfless views on business help her stand out from among the crow and makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Know more about her through her Instagram account here.

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