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The Young Nightlife Entrepreneur Mogul Mark Sindyukov


The Young Nightlife Entrepreneur Mogul Mark Sindyukov

Sindyukov is a name that has been making waves in the business world, particularly in the nightlife industry. At the age of 18, this Israeli-Russian entrepreneur moved to the United States in August 2019 to pursue his studies, armed with only $23. However, it was his entrepreneurial spirit and vision that led him to drop out of college just a year later in April 2020 to pursue his passion for creating Slyde, a nightlife social media app. Fast forward three years, and Mark has grown his net worth from $23 to seven figures, becoming the CEO and founder of Slyde, with multiple business assets under his belt.

Recognizing a gap in the market for a platform that could help people navigate the nightlife scene, Mark was inspired to create Slyde, an app that provides users with informed decision-making tools for a great night out. Slyde quickly gained traction upon its launch, becoming one of the top 10 fastest-growing apps in Florida for three consecutive months. The app’s success has been attributed to its proven track record of driving record attendance at nightlife establishments, making it a valuable tool for both users and businesses alike.

What sets Mark apart as a CEO and founder is his authentic and honest approach to business. He believes in being a good person and prioritizes trust in all his actions. With a proactive leadership style, Mark ensures that everyone he works with has confidence in his decisions. He values the personal needs of his partners, team members, and employees and makes sure they understand their worth. As a former professional soccer player, Mark brings a winning mentality to Slyde, fostering an environment where team members voluntarily work late nights and weekends because they are invested in the company’s success.

Mark’s dedication to his work is unwavering, often sleeping only four hours a day for months at a time. As a true visionary, he is the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave, leading by example and setting the tone for his team. His passion for Slyde and its success is evident in his active involvement in promoting the app through public speeches and conferences. Mark was a guest speaker at a public conference in Orlando, where he addressed hundreds of people about Slyde and his experiences as a founder. This engagement showcases Mark’s commitment to sharing his vision and knowledge with others while continuing to grow and develop his innovative company.

Mark Sindyukov’s journey from arriving in the United States with $23 to his name to becoming the CEO and founder of Slyde is a testament to his tenacity, vision, and unwavering dedication to his work. He has proven himself as a rising star in the business world, with Slyde making waves in the nightlife industry and gaining

recognition as one of the top startups in Florida. Mark’s authentic and honest approach to business, coupled with his strong leadership skills and commitment to sharing his knowledge, make him a formidable force to watch out for in the world of entrepreneurship. As Slyde continues to grow and thrive under his leadership, the future looks promising for Mark Sindyukov.

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