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Toosii: Staying True to Yourself in an Ever Changing Industry


Toosii: Staying True to Yourself in an Ever Changing Industry

Rapper Toosii, who’s real name is Nau’Jour Grainger, is a rising star in the industry, rapidly establishing a reputation for himself thanks to his distinctive style and meaningful lyrics. At 23, Toosii has already found his niche in the business. He was born Nau’Jour Grainger in Syracuse, New York, but was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.

His songs are:

  • A full reflection of his persona.
  • Touching on struggles and grief.
  • Overcoming the trauma of growing up in the trenches.

Toosii calls himself “the big step, the wear-long Flexer, the girlfriend ass caresser,” but he’s much more than a catchy moniker.

R&B, hip-hop, and soul genres blend with melodic trap components in Toosii’s music to create street anthems with which the general public can identify. After only a few years of rapping, Toosii has amassed nearly one million Instagram followers, demonstrating that you can achieve your goals if you work hard, remain passionate, and stay true to yourself.

Platinum Heart, Toosii’s most recent album, garnered praise from critics, his expanding fan base, and endorsements from the hottest musicians, including NBA Youngboy, DaBaby, and City Girls. The project was recently paired with a deluxe edition, adding even more bangers to his catalog. Standout singles led “Truth Be Told” and “Red Lights,” which racked up millions of views on Youtube in seconds.

We’ll delve deeper into Toosii’s history, sound, and goals for the future in this piece. We’ll also talk about what makes him different from other rap stars on the rise and the emotional and personal topics underpinning his music.

From Syracuse to Raleigh

Toosii was raised in a tiny town where everybody knew each other after being born in Syracuse, New York. He characterized it as a fast-paced area with no role models. He still thinks it’s one of the worst areas of New York. When Toosii was thirteen, his family relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina, marking a significant turning point.

For Toosii, things began to calm down in Raleigh, but he was still dealing with a lot. He used music to help him deal with everything he was going through. He developed a love for music and began to give more attention to it.

A Unique Blend of Music

With melodic trap elements that appear in catchy street anthems for the general public to connect to, Toosii’s music is a distinctive fusion of R&B, hip-hop, and soul.

Toosii sees himself as an open book, a free spirit, and a man before an artist, but also an artist.

Toosii’s music is an open book; his visuals exhibit his demeanor well. He wants his followers to get to know him outside of his music because he is a free spirit, a goofball, and laid-back. After only a few years of rapping, he has amassed almost a million Instagram followers. He proves that you can achieve your goals if you work hard, remain passionate, and stay as authentic as you are.

Toosii & Platinum Heart

Platinum Heart, Toosii’s most recent album, was praised by some of the most prominent musicians in the industry, including NBA Youngboy, DaBaby, and City Girls, in addition to his expanding fan base. The project’s standout songs, “Truth Be Told” and “Red Lights,” quickly racked up millions of YouTube views, and the album’s deluxe version only added more bangers to Toosii’s already impressive catalog.

The record Platinum Heart serves as a showcase for Toosii’s skills and artistry. With no features, it was filmed from his kitchen and bedroom. Toosii desired to establish a solid foundation rather than be recognized as an artist who rose to fame after appearing in a movie. Although he plans to remain solo, he has duets with Lil Durk, Lil Yachty, Wiz Khalifa, Tory Lanez, and many others in the works.

We’ve also heard he may have a potential collaboration with Lil Wayne, but this has not been officially verified yet.

The Man Behind the Music

Toosii is not just an artist; they are also a person who has faced many challenges in life. He once spent the night in a vehicle with his family while homeless. Although it was challenging for him, everyone could step up and complete their tasks.

Toosii uses his music to deal with everything he’s been through. He freestyles everything, allowing his thoughts and feelings to flow naturally. He wants his followers to get to know him outside of his music because he is a free spirit, a goofball, and laid-back.

Toosii intends to establish a homeless shelter in his hometown and invest in real estate in Dallas. He values assisting those in need and giving back to his community. Toosii is poised to dominate the rap scene and make a big difference in the world thanks to his platinum heart and unstoppable drive.

Toosii’s Relationships

Toosii is very close to his family, particularly his mother, whom he regards as his best friend and biggest supporter. He appreciates everything his mother has done for him and his family and has supported him on his path to achievement.

Toosii is a strong proponent of real love and has a soft spot for strong, independent women. He has been in and out of relationships and gone through love and heartache, influencing some of his music.

The Future of Toosii

Toosii has achieved so much quickly, and he shows no signs of slowing down. His objectives are straightforward but aspirational: to top the charts, carry on shocking the world, and give back to his neighborhood.

Toosii’s skill and work ethic have already brought him praise from the critics and the respect of his peers, but he is still eager for more. He is working on new music and collaborations to continue stretching the envelope of what is possible.

Toosii is a rising rap star poised to have a significant effect thanks to his platinum heart and distinctive musical style. He is a sincere musician who writes from the heart, and his music reflects his sincerity and ardor. We are excited to see what Toosii will achieve next because his future looks bright.

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