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Kevynn Hudsonn – The Genre-Fluid Enigma of Brooklyn’s Music Scene


Kevynn Hudsonn – The Genre-Fluid Enigma of Brooklyn’s Music Scene

In the labyrinthine cosmos of music, Brooklyn-based musician Kevynn Hudsonn is a radiant supernova. Eclipsing the conventional notions of genres, Hudsonn’s sound is as fluid as the cosmos from which he emerges – an idiosyncratic confluence of alt-rock, electro-synth pop, hip-hop, reggae, and R&B. Undeniably eccentric, refreshingly authentic, Hudsonn defies the confinements of labels, declaring himself a self-professed weirdo, dreamer, and rebel, perpetually pushing the boundaries of musical interpretations and styles.

Inspired by a vast panorama of music, Hudsonn’s love for the melodies extends to numerous genres, from the twangy roots of country to the soulful rhythms of RnB and the foot-tapping allure of reggae. His musical tapestry, delicately woven with threads of diverse influences, exhibits an unmatched affinity for artists such as Neil Diamond and Sam Cooke, as well as 80s alternative rock acts like The Cure, Joy Division, and Pulp. More than just an artist, Hudsonn is a committed disciple of the rockstar ethos, inspired by the rebellious flamboyance of Jim Morrison, David Bowie, and Axl Rose.

His newest project, “Romantic Tightrope,” is set to unfurl in July. The album weaves an intricate narrative about being the third wheel in a relationship, promising to be a compelling follow-up to the previous, much-lauded “Her Number 2.0.” But the sonic offerings won’t stop there, as Hudsonn plans to release an EP this September, tantalizing fans with three new songs slated to drop in the meantime.

Famed for his profound lyrical style, atmospheric tunes, and melodic hooks, Hudsonn is nothing if not an unorthodox entity in the realm of music. His songs ring with an uncanny familiarity, yet resonate with a distinct flavor that is uniquely his. Tracks like “Her Number,” “Mental Issues,” “WiFi Love,” and “Chinese Balloon” are testament to his unique musical artistry – they’re songs that are simultaneously “different, strange, and familiar.”

Music, for Hudsonn, is a profound pursuit – a path of self-discovery and catharsis. His journey towards becoming a musician was catalyzed by the loss of his father in 2021. With an ignited flame of purpose and the persistent echo of a voice urging him to release his inner enigma into the world of music, he set forth to bring the dozens of songs he’d written over the years into the light of day.

Hudsonn’s primary objective with his music is to give his listeners a transformative experience, one that mirrors the euphoric sensations he felt when he first heard songs like “Creep” by Radiohead or “Isolation” by Joy Division. His music is a sonic catalyst, designed to inspire, comfort, and evoke intense emotional connection.

Hudsonn’s unwavering dedication and unique approach to music align perfectly with his beliefs. He urges everyone to chase their dreams relentlessly, noting, “regret is the only wound time won’t heal.” As a devoted Everton football fan and a prolific musician, his motto serves as a reminder to himself and his listeners: there is no room for regret in the pursuit of one’s passions.

With the imminent release of “Romantic Tightrope” and his upcoming EP, Kevynn Hudsonn continues to challenge the status quo, championing the underdogs and outcasts, and crafting sonic narratives that resonate universally. His journey is a testament to the power of chasing dreams, a melody of defiance and resilience that echoes in the hearts of his listeners. Connect with this intriguing artist through his Instagram and Spotify, and get ready for a mind-bending musical ride.

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