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Amanda’s ‘Rush’: Dancing on the Intersection of Disco and Lo-fi Pop


Amanda’s ‘Rush’: Dancing on the Intersection of Disco and Lo-fi Pop

There’s an entrancingly smooth quality to Amanda’s vocals in her latest release, “Rush”. It’s an ideal exemplification of where lo-fi pop converges with the vivacious spirit of disco, beautifully decorated with lush string arrangements and driven by captivating melodies. This new release dances delicately between the contemporary and the nostalgic, underscoring Amanda’s versatility and robust musical repertoire.

Born and raised in the enchanting landscapes of Cumbria, England, Amanda was pulled towards the magnetic field of music from a tender age. Her prodigious talent saw her selected for the kids version of UK TV show “Stars in their Eyes” in 2002, which formed a launch pad for her illustrious career. With performances alongside celebrated artists such as Elton John and Westlife, to her tour with Boyzone, her journey has been anything but conventional. Yet, her musical evolution has culminated in a unique sound – a mellifluous blend of past and present, embodied in her latest work, “Rush”.

Amanda’s star-power is undeniable, as is her talent for songwriting. Her pen has crafted award-winning tunes for global stars like Raisa and her music has provided the soundtrack for high-profile ad campaigns, including one featuring Paris Saint Germain’s soccer team. All these endeavors contribute to an impressive cumulative YouTube view count exceeding 1 billion. But, it’s with “Rush” where Amanda truly shines as an individual artist.

“Rush” is produced by the esteemed Antonio Dixon, known for working with the likes of Ariana Grande and Beyonce, and it’s a testament to Amanda’s creative acuity. The lo-fi pop track is entwined with distinct echoes of disco, the soft, moody melodies flowing over lush string arrangements in a perfect harmony. The lyrics radiate an authentic warmth and an irresistible invitation to let go, mirrored in lines like “We got all we need to feel the rush, don’t be shy don’t overthink it, just give it all to me when we touch”.

Amanda’s music is not just for the ears, but for the soul. “I just want people to feel! Whether it be to feel empowered, feel good, feel heard or just feel like kicking back and doing nothing,” she expresses. The fluid versatility of “Rush” caters to all these emotions, making it an all-encompassing auditory experience that fits every mood.

“Rush” isn’t just a song; it’s a manifestation of Amanda’s artistic journey. From her childhood in Cumbria, through stages shared with music legends, to her dynamic, multifaceted solo projects, her sound has become a unique blend of various influences. This track marks a milestone in that journey, proving Amanda’s ability to transform, evolve, and still remain true to her authentic self.

Amanda is not just resting on the laurels of “Rush”. She’s currently working on a new solo project due for release in the early fall, as well as composing and writing for major ad campaigns airing later this year. If “Rush” is any indication, Amanda’s evolution is something music enthusiasts should follow keenly. Her combination of lo-fi pop and disco is a breath of fresh air, merging the comforting familiarity of nostalgia with the thrill of something new.

“Rush” is available to listen here. For more updates, follow Amanda on her Instagram.

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