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The New Music Era of Julian Quander


The New Music Era of Julian Quander

Who the hell does this guy think he is? Asiaverse, JQ University, R&B, beautiful cheerleaders, and catchy music? I know exactly who he is. He’s something special.

Once again R&B and hip hop take part in a masterpiece of a song! Julian Quander’s “Never Let the Love Stop” featuring Champagne Duane is rocking the airways and brings back the real essence of what music and video creation is all about.

Julian’s blend of soul within his vocals gives a feeling of excitement with each note. The song literally stops you in your tracks. Can you imagine everyone in the night club dancing to it and freezing on the dance floor once he says “stop,” and then picking up their dance moves once the tune continues? That’s just brilliant. I see this song getting super trendy in the months to come!

The music video to go along with the song compliments the tune. Even though we don’t actually see Julian’s mom in the song, it’s quite cool how they story boarded the MV. Julian and Duane play two tired construction workers heading home from a long day, and they decide to have some arcade fun and get zapped into the video game.

If you ask me, the creativity and delivery are spot on. These two artists look comfortable on camera. It reminds me of an altered version of “Back to the Future”. Julian is more than an awesome singer, he’s an awesome creator. I’ve never seen such a story line before.

But how much of this story line is really true? What if I told you Julian and Duane really live in China, would you believe me? Well, it’s true. Julian went out to China and started his own record label and has had good success there. He met Duane at one of his events and they became cool ever since. Duane is a prominent shoe designer for Anta. He has designed some fire kicks for NBA Stars Gordon Hayward and 4-time Champion Klay Thompson.  Anta happened to be located in the same city as Julian’s record label, JQ Nation. Both of these African Americans are fluent in Mandarin too. It doesn’t get any weirder than that. Now that’s what I call destiny.

Let’s talk about Julian Quander background. Julian was born in Washington D.C. He studied music all throughout his adolescents and grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland.

He attended a brand-new high school called James Hubert Blake. He went on to later study music at Montgomery College and the Towson University. He was winner of The Cab Calloway singing competition in 2009. Julian has two older brothers named John Dominic Quander and Chris Quander. The Quander’s are a historic family within the United States. They’re the oldest documented family of African descent in the United States. There is even a Quander School in Fairfax, Virginia, and many other Quander Roads and streets in the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area.

I personally like what I’m seeing from this music artist so far. It’s fresh, clean and puts a smile on my face. I cannot wait to hear more music from Julian. He’s got a bright future in the music entertainment industry. This could be his era if he keeps it up.

Watch the official music video of Never Let the Love Stop here:

Download Never Let the Love Stop here:

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