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Isco Cruz – The Melding of Melodies and Life’s Musings


Isco Cruz – The Melding of Melodies and Life’s Musings

In the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, a new sound was brewing amidst the chaos of the 2020 pandemic. It’s the voice of Isco Cruz, an artist who’d been quietly honing his craft since 2016. Emboldened by his Angolan heritage and inspired by the cathartic power of songwriting, Cruz decided to take the world by storm, armed with his innovative music and poignant lyrics.

Isco’s journey wasn’t an overnight sensation; it was a gradual evolution fostered by a deep love for music and an unwavering commitment to his art. From silently freestyling on his drive home in 2019 to openly sharing his talent with the world today, Cruz’s path is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and self-belief.

His musical style defies classification, artfully marrying the assertive wordplay of rap, pop’s infectious hooks, and R&B’s emotive melodies. His songs bear the authenticity of a personal journal – candid, raw, and full of unabashed honesty. Like a chameleon, he dabbles in different musical hues, but the heart of his music remains unchanging: the universality of human experience.

Cruz’s music is designed to resonate on a deeply personal level. His songs, threaded with narratives of love, heartbreak, and life’s realities, are mirrors reflecting his listeners’ experiences. He aspires to provide solace through his music, reminding his audience of the shared beauty and struggle in being human.

Cruz’s influences are as diverse as his music. The theatricality and craftsmanship of Michael Jackson and Prince were the foundation of his fascination with music. The dynamic duo of Drake and Lil Wayne showed him the boundlessness of musical creativity, igniting his audacious exploration across genres. The Weeknd, with his introspective and emotive style, empowered Cruz to showcase his vulnerability through his lyrics.

All these influences coalesce into Cruz’s debut EP, “Lost in Lust.” This project, which has been years in the making, is an intimate exploration of love and longing. It is a testament to Cruz’s determination to embody his truth in his music. Fans can expect a soulful ensemble of songs that aren’t just tunes to the ears, but reflections of the artist’s soul.

In line with the EP release, Cruz has also been meticulously crafting music videos set to be unveiled later this year. Promising to visually encapsulate the emotions embedded in his songs, these videos are extensions of his artistry, manifesting the narratives of his music in a whole new dimension.

While “Lost in Lust” and the upcoming music videos are exciting ventures, the grind doesn’t stop for Cruz. The music is his sanctuary, a haven where new ideas are continually birthed and diverse sounds explored. Anticipate a steady stream of fresh and authentic creations, which stand as true markers of his endless creativity.

Cruz’s recent release, ‘Nights in December,’ is the first taste of his upcoming EP, with ‘Clarity’ slated for a July 14th release. Bundled with two different versions of ‘Clarity’ and a third track, ‘Fame Over Love,’ this 3-pack promises to further solidify his distinctive position in the music industry.

Isco Cruz isn’t just another name on the list of music’s budding talents. He’s a poet in disguise, a dreamer creating his distinct path through an industry often marked by uniformity. He’s not just creating music – he’s narrating the human experience through melody and rhyme.

Immerse yourself in Isco Cruz’s world by following him on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. His music, echoing his journey, can also be found on Spotify.

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