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Savoring the Melodies – Celebrity Chef Ed Porter Cooks Up Hip-hop Album


Savoring the Melodies – Celebrity Chef Ed Porter Cooks Up Hip-hop Album

From behind the scenes of top New York dining establishments to the raw beats of hip-hop, celebrity Chef Ed Porter is a true renaissance man in the culinary world. Known for his dynamic presence on Netflix’s “Pressure Cooker” and Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games,” Porter is now taking his talents beyond the kitchen. With his upcoming album “de zéro,” he crafts a unique blend of his love for food and music, showcasing his culinary creativity and rhythmic flair in one exciting new venture.

Born in Mount Vernon, New York, and raised in The Bronx, Porter has been intertwining his love for cooking and music since he was a child. He discovered his musical talents at the tender age of 11, blending the rhythms of his tunes with the flavors of his dishes. By whipping up delicious meals, he funded his studio time, seamlessly merging his dual passions right from the start.

De zéro” (from scratch) draws inspiration from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop and serves as a deeply personal manifestation of Porter’s life experiences. He promises an immersion into the sonic landscape of taste, hoping to provide listeners with a glimpse into his creative endeavors as a story-teller. Fans can stream ‘de zéro’ on all popular platforms, and a vinyl offering will soon be available exclusively at select record stores and on the official website,

de zéro – Chef Porter

What really makes ‘de zéro’ stand out is not just its tribute to the classic style of Golden Era hip-hop, but also its top-notch production quality. The album boasts a high fidelity sound, with expert engineering, mixing, and mastering that put it on par with major artists. Each track is infused with Porter’s distinctive lyricism, meticulous attention to detail, and deep affection for the genre, creating a an impressive experience that’s as exquisite as a fine dining affair.

Porter’s evolution from an amateur songwriter to a seasoned artist is truly reflected in ‘de zéro’. The album kicks off with the heartfelt ‘Mise en place’, featuring a touching monologue by his mother, setting the emotional tone. Tracks like the deeply personal ‘Solely Matrimony’, the intense ‘Walk the Line’, and the gritty ‘Calistoga’ stand out for their powerful lyricism and raw energy. The album wraps up with ‘Thank You’, a moving tribute to his mother that beautifully ties up the culinary themes laced throughout his music.

At the same time, Porter is crafting a one-of-a-kind tour called ‘The de zéro Experience,’ which will blend his culinary expertise with his musical talent. Each song from the album will pair with a specially designed dish, creating a unique dining experience for attendees. Fans can keep up with the latest event updates on the album’s official website.

Porter’s fusion of his culinary prowess with his talent for music puts him in a league of his own. It’s an impressive feat, showcasing his seamless transition from the kitchen to the mic with equal finesse.

Porter’s ‘de zéro’ breaks the mold of both the music and food industries, showcasing the extraordinary connection between a chef and a musician. It delivers a rich mix of soul-stirring stories and culinary themes, offering not just a hip-hop album, but a comprehensive sensory experience that appeals to both the ears and the palate.

Follow Porter’s journey on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and check out his creations on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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