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Roc Kartel Announces Release of His Inspiring New Single ‘My Friend’


Roc Kartel Announces Release of His Inspiring New Single ‘My Friend’

Roc Kartel, a seasoned name in hip-hop, has released a new single titled “My Friend,” and it’s already making waves with over 12,000 streams since its launch on April 24. Hailing from George County, Maryland, and now based in Los Angeles, Kartel has continually impressed with his skillful blend of rap, songwriting, and production. His newest single dives into a mix of hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics, striking a chord with a audiences worldwide.

Having immersed himself in music since 2011, Kartel not only raps and writes but also produces his tracks, giving him full control over his artistic expression. “My Friend” reflects this dedication. The song samples the drum pattern from Eugene Wilde’s classic “Got To Get You Home Tonight,” a nod that shows Kartel’s ability to fuse influences into something uniquely his own.

In “My Friend,” Kartel initiates an honest conversation about life’s true priorities. The track opens with a catchy chant that quickly transitions into reflective lyrics. Kartel questions common societal distractions: “If it ain’t about the money what you talkin’ about, if it ain’t about success then what you talking ’bout, if it ain’t about the best then what you talkin’ bout.” It’s a compelling way to draw listeners into a deeper discussion about values and authenticity.

‘My Friend’ – Roc Kartel

The song boldly tackles modern dilemmas, particularly within relationships and societal norms. Roc Kartel encourages his audience to prioritize authentic connections and personal development. His message resonates deeply with listeners who are confronting the intricacies of contemporary life, urging them to seek truth and meaningful growth in a world often dominated by superficial interactions and fleeting distractions.

Musically, “My Friend” blends nostalgic elements with contemporary hip-hop, showcasing Kartel’s talent in producing a music that’s both fresh and reminiscent of classic influences. His dual role as producer and lyricist creates a seamless harmony between instrumental and word, enhancing the overall impact of the drop.

“My Friend” is just the beginning of what’s to come, serving as an appetizer to Kartel’s forthcoming album, “Time is Now Forever,” set to drop on May 29th. If this single is any indication, the album will offer a deeper dive into Kartel’s experiences and artistic vision, promising to be a significant addition to his discography.

Roc Kartel’s approach is distinctive, marked by an intense passion for music and a commitment to authenticity. With “My Friend,” he offers not just music but a motivational message to those feeling lost in the hustle of daily life. This track isn’t just a listen; it’s a conversation starter, a moment of clarity in the noisy and over saturated world of hip-hop.

For those eager to listen, “My Friend” is available on Spotify, and more details about Roc Kartel and his music can be found on his website, Instagram and TikTok. As Kartel continues to influence the music scene, his journey is a testament to the power of staying true to oneself and inspiring others along the way.

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