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_mxriontae – Bringing Flint’s Grit to the Global Rap Scene


_mxriontae – Bringing Flint’s Grit to the Global Rap Scene

From the streets of Flint, Michigan, a city marked by adversity, _mxriontae emerges as a rising artist in the ever-evolving rap scene. Merging drill and new age jerk music, he crafts tracks that oscillate between the highs of ecstatic energy and the lows of deep introspection. This dynamic approach not only defines his unique sound but also reflects his roots and the stark realities of his hometown.

_mxriontae’s musical journey is deeply influenced by icons like Chief Keef and the collective talent of GloGang, including DJ Kenn. These pioneers first recognized and nurtured his potential, setting him on a path to innovate within the genre. When asked to describe his music to newcomers, _mxriontae paints a picture of a diverse rap experience that promises both fun and emotional depth, aiming to keep listeners engaged and emotionally connected.

His discography includes notable tracks such as “Out The Blue,” “JoyRide,” and recent singles like “Max Payne” and “Supernormal Activities,” both released on April 27th. Each song highlights a different facet of his style. “Max Payne” punches with intense bass, perfect for a hard-hitting vibe, while “Supernormal Activities” takes a more laid-back approach with its Boom Bap rhythm, suitable for more laid back moments.

Follow _mxriontae and listen to his music via Spotify and Youtube.

As _mxriontae gears up for his upcoming EP and organizes live shows, he’s eager to strengthen his bond with fans. His manager, Skello, who has a natural knack for digital marketing, offers a humble yet crucial helping hand—well-positioning the rising artist to broaden his influence and make a lasting mark in the music world.

For _mxriontae, his music is more than entertainment; it’s a lifeline and a message of hope to others from challenging backgrounds, demonstrating that creativity can thrive even in the toughest conditions. He hopes his tracks will be a source of joy and a catalyst for emotional release, resonating with anyone needing a burst of energy or a moment of solace.

Fans and new listeners can follow _mxriontae’s evolving career and updates on his Instagram here and anyone who wants to connect with the business side of things can hit up his manager Skello, here.

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