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Diving Deep into ‘Soul Hop’: The Heart-Stirring Single from Tampa’s SoulHop


Diving Deep into ‘Soul Hop’: The Heart-Stirring Single from Tampa’s SoulHop

There’s something riveting occurring in Tampa, Florida, a seismic shift shaking the geographical stereotypes off the state’s music scene. SoulHop, a.k.a Dwayne Golson, is at the helm, not merely navigating, but pioneering this uncharted territory. No, we aren’t in Miami anymore, and this ain’t just about sunshine and beaches. It’s about the soul – the ‘Soul Hop,’ to be precise.

‘Soul Hop,’ the latest single from this Florida-native artist/producer, is a fusion so rich it almost defies categorization. It’s where soul meets hip-hop, where velvety vocals meld with deep rhythms to create an aural experience that’s multi-genre in essence, yet distinctively SoulHop.

The single, featured in the album “Afrodisiac Vol. 1 SoulXperience”, is an original composition that blends the euphoria of new love with an exuberant anticipation that makes hearts flutter. With Nasja Monè lending her celestial vocals to the mix, ‘Soul Hop’ becomes the anthem of love for those who find the sunshine even in the gloomiest of days… and we’re completely here for it.

Going beyond the entrancing composition, SoulHop’s lyrics in ‘Soul Hop’ deftly craft a poetic landscape of love and sensuality. The line ‘I’m shaking, still trembling for your love…’ serves as a powerful testament to the ardor stirred by SoulHop, a vivid expression that captures hearts while clearly making the “soul hop.”

Listen to the single and add it to your hottest playlists via Spotify or Apple Music.

Echoing the smooth R&B vibes and soulful sounds reminiscent of his influences—think Quincy Jones, Robert Glasper, Kedar Massenburg, and virtuosos like Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu—SoulHop’s music goes beyond simple imitation. It seeks to reinterpret and reinvent. It’s a tribute to the past, yet a robust claim for the future. The deep rhythm is a grounding force, a strong undercurrent that surges through the audience, invoking a wholesome experience.

SoulHop’s work demands a kind of listening that’s rapidly becoming a rarity. You can’t just hear it; you have to feel it, let it sink into your being. It’s not just music; it’s motivation.

Beyond ‘Soul Hop,’ SoulHop’s creative genius is channeled into his upcoming “Afrodisiac Vol. 2 ColLABSoul” album. The project promises even more genre-bending, soul-lifting sounds, this time with an impressive roster of talents like Gnu Kats, Shauna Solomon, Jazzy Flyr, Demolition Man, and Ray’Jozz. It’s the type of creative partnership that excites not only the ears but also the imagination.

Additionally, this summer, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the SoulHop produced club banger “Dance With Me” by Shauna Solomon. It’s set to be the soundtrack of summer shindigs and late-night car rides home.

In a world dominated by trends and viral moments, SoulHop remains firmly planted in the rich soil of authenticity, crafting music that’s timeless yet innovative, profound yet accessible. From the studio to the stage, SoulHop isn’t just redefining music in the South. He’s pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and, most importantly, touching hearts one beat at a time.

Catch the captivating sounds of SoulHop and his latest single on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and don’t forget to follow SoulHop on Instagram. For a taste of the soulful songstress Nasja Monè, find her on Instagram.

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