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On the Verge – MadFocused’s Plans to Take Their Music Worldwide


On the Verge – MadFocused’s Plans to Take Their Music Worldwide

MadFocused is lighting up the music scene with a fresh, powerful energy that’s impossible to ignore. This rising group, made up of the talented JK22, LuchyVal, and LeNoira, is mixing it up in ways we’ve never seen before. They’re taking their unique backgrounds and shaking up the industry with an exciting blend of genres that spans rap, R&B, hip-hop, rock, and more. Since making their debut in 2023, they’ve rapidly captured the attention of listeners and fans, thanks to their compelling releases and the unmistakable, harmonious synergy that flows between them. It’s clear MadFocused isn’t just a collective; they’re a movement, and they’re just getting started.

Hailing from Jackson, Michigan, JK22 champions a unique narrative, having spent much of his life on the road. His tracks are infused with an authenticity that inspires growth, learned from past experiences and mistakes. Detroit local artist LuchyVal, on the other hand, layers an experimental edge on their music, while LeNoira, from Brooklyn, New York, contributes with a low-key relaxed and ‘feel good’ vibe.

Their genuine dedication to staying true to themselves shines through in their name, ‘MadFocused’. They’re all about using their music to inspire others and shake things up in the music world. MadFocused is more than just a group making dropping projects; they’re on a mission to use their voice for more. They’re big on sparking creativity, celebrating what makes each of us unique, and bringing people together. And at the heart of it all, they want to create a strong connection with anyone who listens to their music.

The group is gearing up for the release of lyric videos and has intentions of touring globally. Their ambitious mission centers on spreading a message of love, unity, and authenticity, making MadFocused a group to definitely keep your eye on.

Their music is like a kaleidoscope of different influences and feelings. Their latest projects really dive into a whole range of emotions, from wild and unpredictable to super intense and impactful. If you’re curious, you can check out their latest drops on Youtube and online—they’ve got links to all their latest hits waiting for you.

One of MadFocused’s latest and most popular singles, “Bucket’s,” featuring JK22 and LuchyVal, can be found on Youtube here. The lyric video, released on Mar 26th showcases the synergy between Luchyval and JK22 and features an excellent backdrop of shot’s and scenes with lyrics overlaid – providing both a song and video you can definitely vibe to.

Following their initial collaboration in 2023, LuchyVal and JK22 enlisted the dynamic lyricist LeNoira, adding another unique voice to the collective. Blending their unconventional and free-spirited sounds resulted in their formation as a cohesive artistic trio, united not just through their music but through their camaraderie and passions as well.

Fans can anticipate lyric videos of their project dropping soon, a testament to their impressive output. Meanwhile, their top tracks such as “Pushin P” and “Don’t Play With Me” can be found on Youtube.

Fans eager for more can explore the individual works of the group members through their artist pages and websites- LeNoira, JK22, and their official group site on United Masters. Their official Youtube channel also holds a catalog of various projects.

MadFocused really breaks the mold with their one-of-a-kind approach. They’re super excited to get their music out there for the world to hear, hoping to inspire everyone with their messages about power, hope, love, personal growth, and coming together. Their genuine creative vibe and undying spark make them stand out as a dynamic collective – worth watching and listening to.

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