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Akuu’s Artistic Evolution Shines in His Latest Single ‘Cold Cut


Akuu’s Artistic Evolution Shines in His Latest Single ‘Cold Cut

A formidable new entry in the hip-hop scene, Akuu, released his new single “Cold Cut” on all music platforms on November 22nd. Having recently clinched the second spot in a Los Angeles competition, the talented artist made crowds sway to his rhythm and will soon take the stage in Miami for the finals slated for 2024.

Akuu has always used his artistry to shine a light on life’s trials and tribulations, promoting understanding and empathy in a world so often divided. With every rhyme and beat, he delivers a beacon of hope to his audience, a connection for those feeling alone amidst life’s challenges.

Cold Cut” marks another milestone in Akuu’s vibrant career. Tangibly displaying his growth and versatility, the song is part of a three-song project exemplifying Akuu’s artistic evolution over the years. Akuu looks at his music as a coping mechanism, personally helping him navigate difficult experiences such as the recent loss of his father and his search for love. He hopes his listeners too will find solace and courage in his narrative and use his music as an outlet to cope with everyday adversities like anxiety, depression, and anger.

Powerful from the get-go, “Cold Cut” starts with a haunting bell arrangement. The vibration intensifies with the striking of drums, the beat of snares, and finally the entry of gripping vocals. The engaging rhythm of the song punctuated by Akuu’s lyricism and edgy vocal deliverance is irresistible, making it a strong choice for workout or sports playlists.

Born Ravine Reedy, Akuu hails from the small town of Medford, nestled in Southern Oregon. His artist name, inspired by the antagonist from the animated series “Samurai Jack,” represents his self-perceived ‘sinister’ trait and his attraction to Japanese culture. Music became Akuu’s emotional outlet following a devastating car accident caused by his father’s drunk driving that led to his mother’s tragic demise and father’s imprisonment.

Influenced significantly by Tech N9ne and Strange Music, Akuu is committed to perfecting his craft. His music style includes unexpected combinations of genres, sounds, and varied writing styles, even bringing in elements of the Japanese language which he has passionately studied for over three years. Expect to see more of Akuu’s distinctive approach to hip-hop in the coming years, as he plans to release multiple albums and establish a solid, loyal fan base.

Find Akuu’s music on Spotify and follow his journey on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

In the turbulent sea of life, Akuu offers his music as an anchor. His art: a testament to the human spirit, unbroken, undeterred, and resilient in the face of challenges. As an artist, Akuu represents the essence of music as it should be – Essential, Moving, Life.

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