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From Burnout to Breakthrough – Dr. Veirdre Jackson’s Strategies for Teacher Well-being


From Burnout to Breakthrough – Dr. Veirdre Jackson’s Strategies for Teacher Well-being

In an enlightening conversation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Veirdre Jackson, a luminary in the field of coaching and an advocate for educational transformation. With a background enriched by extensive research and hands-on experience, Dr. Jackson shares invaluable insights into the vital role of coaching in preventing burnout, enhancing teacher well-being, and ultimately improving student outcomes. Her commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for educators and students alike stems from a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between belief systems, behaviors, and the capacity for change.

Dr. Jackson’s journey from academia to establishing her own coaching business reveals a deep-seated passion for empowering educators to rediscover their calling and enhance their impact in the classroom. By focusing on strategies that promote prosocial skills and addressing the challenges of emotional exhaustion and compassion fatigue, she aims to create a ripple effect of positivity and resilience. Throughout our discussion, Dr. Jackson elucidates the qualities that define a successful coach, the influence of her literary work on her coaching methods, and her visionary plans for adapting to the evolving landscape of education and coaching.

Join us as Dr. Veirdre Jackson delves into the essence of transformational coaching, the power of belief in shaping behaviors, and her mission to refill the cups of educators so they, in turn, can inspire a love for learning in their students.

Many people are hesitant to seek coaching. What would you say to those who are skeptical about its benefits and the investment required?

To those questioning the value of investing in strategies to prevent burnout, I’d emphasize that the advantages significantly outweigh the costs. By prioritizing prevention and support, we not only boost teacher well-being and job satisfaction but also elevate the quality of teaching, student outcomes, and the overall performance of schools. Neglecting to address burnout can lead to more severe consequences down the line, including high turnover rates, increased absenteeism, and diminished student engagement. These issues, in turn, can incur far greater costs over time. Furthermore, fostering a supportive and healthy work environment is an essential step in cultivating a resilient, efficient, and motivated workforce. Such an approach not only benefits individual educators but also enhances the educational ecosystem as a whole.

In your opinion, what are the essential qualities or characteristics that make a successful coach, and how do you nurture these traits in yourself and your clients?

An effective coach must excel in listening beyond the surface level, tuning into the underlying beliefs rather than solely focusing on outward behavior. This is pivotal because our beliefs fundamentally shape our actions. By grasping the core beliefs of their clients, coaches can directly address the roots of problematic behaviors, habits, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Such a coach, adept at discerning and understanding belief systems, fosters an environment where clients feel genuinely heard and supported. This approach not only empowers individuals to acknowledge their own capacity for change but also facilitates the adoption of healthier behaviors in place of detrimental ones. Cultivating this deep level of empathetic listening and belief-based coaching strategy in oneself and encouraging it in clients paves the way for profound, lasting transformation.

How has your experience as an author influenced your coaching techniques and strategies?

My role as an author has profoundly enriched my coaching approach. It allows me to extract and apply the insights and strategies from my books directly into my coaching sessions, offering a distinctive and valuable resource to those I support. This integration of written content into practical coaching enhances the depth and effectiveness of my coaching, enabling me to provide tailored, impactful guidance to each individual I work with.

What do you envision for the future of your coaching business, and how do you plan to evolve and adapt to changing market demands?

I’m actively working on diversifying my offerings to meet the evolving needs of both current and prospective clients. By developing on-demand content, I aim to tap into the potential for passive income, thereby ensuring the sustained growth of my company. This approach also allows me to extend my reach beyond the limitations of physical presence, making my coaching accessible in spaces where I cannot be there in person. Through this strategic expansion, I plan to stay ahead of market trends and continue delivering valuable, impactful coaching services.

What inspired you to start your coaching business, and what specific areas do you focus on in your coaching practice?

When I finished my dissertation in graduate school and had developed a program to facilitate prosocial skills with youth, they came back to me to share their success. However, they also shared that there were educators who would not see them as “changed.” They continued to treat them harshly and punitively. With further investigation, I discovered the level of burnout, compassion fatigue, and emotional exhaustion compromised their calling for truly teaching. Filled with compassion for the heart I know is in an equipped, confident, caring educator whose capacity, if refilled and given proven strategies for feeling safe, valued, and heard, I became committed to shifting my focus from the student to the teacher. If the teacher is full, their cup gains the capacity to overflow and fill students with inspiration for learning.

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