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Introducing Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd – Architect of Wealth and Wisdom


Introducing Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd – Architect of Wealth and Wisdom

Meet Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd, a passionate advocate for generational wealth and personal development. With a background in coaching middle school students through her non-profit, Passion 2 Pay Project (P3), Dr. Boyd discovered her knack for guiding individuals towards monetizing their passions. Her journey into coaching and writing was unexpected, but it led her to recognize the transformative power of tangible resources like books in personal development.

Dr. Boyd’s coaching philosophy centers on mindset, recognizing the diverse financial backgrounds and beliefs of her clients. Through her collaborative books and upcoming publication, “Investing Made Easy: A Family Affair,” she aims to foster discussions about money within families, breaking generational cycles and empowering individuals to take charge of their financial future.

In handling setbacks, Dr. Boyd emphasizes perseverance and patience, understanding that change takes time, especially when challenging deeply rooted beliefs. Her coaching approach integrates faith, family, and fun, making financial education an enjoyable and interactive experience for her clients.

What sets Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd apart is her focus on coaching rather than traditional financial advising, prioritizing mindset shifts and personalized approaches to financial success. If you’re ready to embark on a journey towards generational wealth and wisdom, contact Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd today.

Can you introduce yourself and share your journey as an author and coach in the personal development industry?

My coaching career began with my non-profit, Passion 2 Pay Project (P3), which focuses on coaching middle school students. I discovered what they love and then demonstrated a path to monetize their passions. My goal is to help families create lasting legacies through generational wealth. Understanding the critical role of financial literacy, I begin with educating students. Without financial literacy, maintaining wealth across generations becomes a formidable challenge. However, the pursuit of financial education shouldn’t be limited to individuals; it necessitates a family-wide effort. Observing successful affluent families revealed a pattern: wealth may start with one individual, but its preservation and growth depend on the subsequent generations being educated and connected with mentors to continue the legacy.

My own path to becoming an author was unexpected. Initially, I never imagined myself writing books. Yet, I recognize now the power of providing tangible resources like books, which can be invaluable coaching tools. Books lay the foundational knowledge for personal development, but true growth is achieved through personalized coaching. This personalized coaching, whether one-on-one or in group settings, allows individuals to integrate financial literacy into their unique life circumstances without conforming to a generalized blueprint.

In the realm of financial literacy, recognizing the diversity in individual financial situations and belief systems is paramount. This is why mindset is the starting point of my coaching. The messages we receive about money, credit, and debt vary greatly from one household to another, necessitating a shift in mindset when discussing wealth creation. My first collaborative book, “The Whole Entrepreneur,” allowed me to share my entrepreneurial journey and mindset. My second, “Revamp,” aimed to initiate a shift in thinking about wealth and foster discussions within families. Both of these were collaborative efforts. However, by the end of 2022, I set a goal to publish my own book, “Investing Made Easy: A Family Affair.” This book, while initially intended for adults, evolved to include activities for families, ideally suitable for rising fifth graders through to adults. The activities, although designed with raising 5th graders in mind, can be simplified further. The essence of recognizing and understanding money—basic arithmetic skills—is crucial from a young age.

Writing this book excited me as I envisioned families coming together, reminiscent of the times when families would gather around the kitchen table. This book aims to reinstate those communal discussions, but with a focus on money. The lack of conversation around finances perpetuates cycles of generational habits or, as I reluctantly call them, curses. By simply starting conversations about money, we have the power to alter generations. Just as major world changes often start with a simple discussion, the transformation within families can begin similarly. My journey has been eye-opening, leveraging experiences I was initially against but have come to understand their importance in every household.

In your experience, how do you handle setbacks or difficult moments in your coaching business, and what lessons have you learned from them?

Handling setbacks and difficult moments in my coaching business begins with perseverance. Many of these challenges arise during periods when client engagement is low, prompting me to reassess and adjust my approach, including seeking external coaching for my methods and systems. An important aspect of my strategy is maintaining composure and not succumbing to frustration. This outlook is crucial because the concept of generational wealth, which I focus on teaching, is relatively unfamiliar within my community. Thus, my primary objective is to consistently present and share this message, despite appearances that it may not be reaching anyone. I remind myself that people are listening change takes time. Changing or enhancing someone’s life perspective, especially ideas deeply rooted since childhood, is a gradual process. Often, this involves challenging long-standing beliefs and viewpoints about the world. My approach emphasizes mindset work, addressing ingrained paradigms from individuals’ upbringing that persist into adulthood. The key lessons I’ve learned involve exercising patience with my audience, understanding that not everyone progresses at the same pace, and also with myself as I refine and consistently convey my message. This also includes making the message relatable and understandable to my audience.

Besides your professional achievements, are there any personal values or philosophies that have significantly influenced the way you run your coaching business?

Faith, family, and fun form the bedrock of my personal and professional ethos, intertwined with my identity and my ventures, including my coaching business. These values not only define who I am but also deeply influence my actions and business philosophy. Reflecting on values evokes memories of when I was drafting “Investing Made Easy: A Family Affair.” Initially targeted at adults, I soon found myself unable to shy away from incorporating parents, children, and families into the narrative, owing to family being a core value of mine.

This approach extends into my coaching business, emphasizing not just individual success but fostering generational wealth as a family unit. In my coaching practice, I integrate the aspect of faith through mindset coaching. It is critical for my clients to have faith in themselves and their ability to attain generational wealth. By instilling this belief, I help them overcome limiting thoughts and empower them to take charge of their financial future.

The fun element of my business stems from being an application-based coach. While I am a coach, I also serve as a teacher, imparting practical knowledge that my clients can apply in their lives. This is why I prioritize interactive and engaging activities, both during workshops and through follow-up homework. Not only does this make the learning experience enjoyable, but it also ensures information retention for long-term success. Looking ahead, I envision taking my coaching business to new heights by organizing financial family fun retreats. These events will not only bring families together but also provide a platform for learning and applying financial concepts in a fun and interactive manner. From game nights to budgeting for vacations, my goal is to make money management an exciting and family-oriented experience

How do you differentiate your coaching approach from others in the industry, and what unique value do you bring to your clients?

One aspect that sets me apart is that there aren’t many financial coaches in the field; you’ll find plenty of advisors and financial planners, but not many focus on coaching. With all my clients, I begin with mindset coaching because financial health is not merely about investing money into a system and hoping for the best. It’s crucial to understand what motivates them. I always start by discussing their money beliefs, the financial habits they observed growing up, and what drives their financial decisions. Another critical question I explore is, “Why now?” I inquire why they want to build wealth or escape debt at this moment, questioning what has changed since they could have taken the same steps years ago. The foundation of my approach centers on helping them comprehend their motivations to prevent falling back into debt and to view wealth building not just as a passive activity but as an active engagement, akin to running a business. This mindset shift helps them to not only focus on growing their wealth but also on being attentive to their finances.

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