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Empowering Women Through Perimenopause – The Journey of Daria Rosen


Empowering Women Through Perimenopause – The Journey of Daria Rosen

Explore the journey of Daria Rosen, founder of Daria Rosen Consulting, as she guides women through the challenges of perimenopause. With a personal mission to help women overcome fear, shame, and embrace change, Daria’s own experience navigating this phase inspired her to write “Perimenopause – What Your Mother and Girlfriends Did Not Tell You.”

In this article, we delve into Daria’s approach to handling setbacks in her coaching business, rooted in values of truth, kindness, and necessity. Her coaching ensures that every interaction is meaningful and empowering, drawing from her deep empathy and understanding of the perimenopause journey.

Daria’s unique blend of personal experience and a background in medical IT enables her to bridge the gap between clinical terminology and practical guidance, making health concepts accessible to all. In this article, let’s connect with Daria Rosen who is transforming lives through her solution-oriented approach and unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment.

Daria, Can you introduce yourself and share your journey as an author and coach in the personal development industry?

I’m Daria Rosen, founder of Daria Rosen Consulting. I assist women in overcoming fear, shedding shame, and embracing change as they transition from their reproductive years to the next stage of life. Leveraging my personal experiences and professional expertise, I support women navigating perimenopause. My journey as an author and coach started when I faced the complexities of perimenopause myself. Recognizing the lack of comprehensive guidance available, I authored “Perimenopause – What Your Mother and Girlfriends Did Not Tell You” and set out to fill that gap.

In your experience, how do you handle setbacks or difficult moments in your coaching business, and what lessons have you learned from them?

My journey started with its own set of hurdles, particularly self-doubt and the daunting task of supporting women through perimenopause. Overcoming these challenges involved not only believing in my ability to make a difference but also overcoming inertia to write my first book and launch my consulting business. Facing uncertainty and stepping into the realm of perimenopause support required faith in myself and the mission I deeply believed in. These early doubts taught me the importance of commitment to my mission: empowering women navigating perimenopause. Pushing through setbacks, I learned to view challenges as opportunities to refine my message and approach.

Besides your professional achievements, are there any personal values or philosophies that have significantly influenced the way you run your coaching business?

My coaching business is guided by the values of truth, kindness, and necessity. Every interaction with clients is rooted in integrity, compassion, and relevance. My personal journey through perimenopause has fostered empathy for others on the same path, shaping my role as an empathetic confidante and trusted ally. Genuine support and guidance are central, ensuring women feel understood and empowered.

How do you differentiate your coaching approach from others in the industry, and what unique value do you bring to your clients?

My coaching approach blends personal experience, a background in medical IT, and a solution-oriented mindset. With expertise in medical IT, I bridge the gap between clinical and technical language, making health concepts accessible for clients. My personal journey through perimenopause enriches my coaching with empathy and insight, addressing both emotional and practical aspects of the transition. This unique blend of skills and experiences provides a coaching experience that is enlightening and deeply supportive, setting my services apart in the realm of perimenopause support.

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