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Stephanie Shojaee | Diversification Pioneer With Shoma Group


Stephanie Shojaee | Diversification Pioneer With Shoma Group

The bitter truth is that no matter how much the world tries to progress into a world of equality, there’s always room for improvement. Part of the problem is the long-standing societal norms that created the idea of gender roles, which significantly impacted how we function both in the professional world and in communities.

Although in recent years, the world has seen a rise in female CEOs, with reports of a 26% spike in 2021, the remaining 74% is still tenanted by men.

The cut-throat industry of modern business is more demanding than it seems. Hence, the presence of women, while it has become more pronounced, is still an active issue that needs tending to.

Even with all these adversities standing in the way, many women have made incredible changes and broken so many norms that saying they are an inspiration to the younger generation is an understatement.

Let’s look at the life of marketing executive Stephanie Shojaee as the perfect example.

Making her way up the ladder of the modern office is Stephanie Shojaee, who bagged the role of president of the Shoma Group. This firm is estimated to be worth a multi-billion dollar development.

Having gained her fan following via social media platforms, this woman in power is slowly but surely paving the way for young female aspirants in the industry. She has shaken the business world with her unique ideas and innovations, and she’s now known across the industry as a leading lady with unrivaled business prowess.

While the firm itself was already a well-standing business, Stephanie Shojaee’s entry into the field as the head of the development has turned heads and gained her the recognition she deserves. Her skilled expertise in marketing tactics helped the firm’s Oasis Park Square project worth a whopping 150 million dollars to sell out.

Stephanie is well-versed in all business strategies and tactics and uses this to her advantage to develop client relationships beyond the surface level. Her small touches of excellence bring out the best in the company, in addition to the already well-established reputation of the firm.

Stephanie Shojaee’s women in power

From bringing larger-than-life ideas to reality, Stephanie Shojaee is certainly Shoma Group’s powerhouse, as the company’s ongoing projects seem to be picking up pace and attracting the public’s attention in all the good ways.

Stephanie Shojaee is creating a legendary name for herself in the industry by being the leader for many women and playing an integral part in women’s advancement in business. She is dedicated to creating an open platform where women can thrive in an industry dominated by men.

Apart from just manning the firm and conquering the business world, she is also an active social media presence with over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Her idea is to incorporate women’s inputs in business while preserving the womanhood that seems to get lost when working in such an environment.

“For me, dressing and acting like a lady makes me feel poised for success… A great pair of heels always helps with confidence – they allow you to take up more physical space and they often make noise with each footstep, calling attention to your presence. Take care of your personal appearance so you look and feel like you’re at your best. And never underestimate the impact of dressing up. As Tom Ford said, ‘Dressing well is a form of good manners.'”

What does the future look like for the Shoma Group?

The future of the Shoma Group under Stephanie Shojaee’s leadership looks promising. There are already talks of a subdivision within the company under the name of Shoma MGMT, which will take care of all rental management and leasing of apartment communities.

She is also looking forward to creating a community with affordable housing, which is a way for the firm to help Miami residents, especially the underprivileged.

Stephanie Shojaee has taken significant steps to ensure her loyalty to the movement of women’s empowerment by creating a marketing team that is all female, incorporating their ideas, and making known to the world, the power that women possess and the resources that they bring to the table.

Check out her Instagram here.

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