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Navigate Your Way Through A DWI Professionally With Tom Anelli


Navigate Your Way Through A DWI Professionally With Tom Anelli

DWI (Driving with intoxication) charges have multiple consequences that could impact different areas of your life. Getting arrested on a DWI charge is much more severe than you might think. You have a lot at risk, such as paying a heavy fine or, even worse, ruining your reputation. It could hamper your professional career as well. In some cases, your license might be taken away.

This is also another one of the efforts made by Tom Anelli to curb. He understands a lot at stake when you get charged with DWI. Hence, his goal is to help individuals navigate the court process without getting blindsided due to excessive professional jargon or getting overwhelmed by the procedure and succumbing to it.

About Tom Anelli:

Tom Anelli is a member of the National College of DWI Defense and has been chosen as one of the members of the National Criminal Justice Association and the American Bar Association. Also certified as an instructor for Field Sobriety Testing, Tom is not only a practitioner for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) but has also written a book called “A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding DWI – DWI Litigation in America.”

Adding to his long list of certifications and qualifications is his achievement in becoming the NYS ambassador and founding member Ambassador for the DWI Defense Lawyers Association.

With a growing clientele and an endless list of achievements under his name, the AVVO awarded Tom Anelli the Super Lawyer. This organization ranks and lists top lawyers on the national level. They gave Tom the rank of Superb Lawyer with a (10/10).

About Tom Anelli & Associates:

While the criminal justice system in most states is very complex and challenging to navigate, especially for an ordinary man, it is not impossible to find a clear path out of this mess. However, you do need the help of legal advisories, which can guide you through each step. This is where attorneys well-versed in the law come in to save the day.

As a team, Tom Anelli & Associates is a group of DWI-specialized attorneys who work out of New York City. The team handles DWI charges from all over, including Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Watertown, Buffalo, and Binghamton.

People with DWI charges struggling to find a way out are perfect clients for Tom Anelli & Associates because the team is solely focused on DWI cases. This makes them experts in such cases.

Why Choose Tom Anelli?

Throughout his career as a DWI attorney, Tom Anelli has successfully dealt with many cases and defended many people who were charged with DWIs. The entire team follows the principles of support and reliability regardless of the gravity of the situation. Tom Anelli & Associates are professionals you can trust if you ever need legal assistance regarding DWIs.

With an entire team of experienced DWI attorneys, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Tom Anelli prides himself and his team on being experts in their field, with years of training, practice, and skill under their belts.

If you want, you can reach out to their legal team or Tom through their website or connect through Facebook.

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