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Everything Nueve Los Angeles Is Doing Right With Their Brand


Everything Nueve Los Angeles Is Doing Right With Their Brand

While fast fashion has been wreaking havoc in the environment for years now, finally, there’s some change being brought into the industry by these companies that are hell-bent on encouraging conscious consumption, which is much needed in this world of fast fashion and excess consumption.

One such company to look up to is Nueve Los Angeles. Cristiane Bachmann founded it in 2021. This company works to promote sustainable and eco-friendly brands so that people have the chance to purchase quality clothing from these said sustainable clothing brands and contribute to saving the environment one piece of apparel at a time.

So how did the company come about?

The creation of Nueve Los Angeles did not just happen overnight. Like many of us, Bachmann was a fast fashion consumer, but when 2021 set in, she started feeling the weight of her lifestyle burdening her profound connection to the earth.

Knowing the fashion industry, where she had worked previously, she knew that their work policies did not align with her beliefs about the environment. As an ardent lover of fashion, she took it upon herself to create a space where style, fashion, sustainability, and accessibility all interconnect.

Her goal for the company was to establish a place where consumers didn’t have to worry about how their clothes were made while also providing timeless and high-quality pieces. This was an attempt to lower consumerism rates and encourage conscious consumption.

What are they doing differently?

Although sharing a familiar origin story with many other creators of sustainable fashion, what keeps Cristainne Bachmann standing in the spotlight are her principles. There’s definitely a no-nonsense policy when it comes to Nueve. 

Starting from accessories to all kinds of clothing, her long love for fashion significantly pushed the company forward to curate different kinds of sustainable apparel, which are some of the most sought-after products today. Take a look at their apparel and accessories here.

The company pushes the idea of premium, high-quality, timeless items. Bachmann says that there is no sense in spending thousands of dollars on apparel that will deteriorate and end up in the trash come to the test of time. This is why she makes it an imperative rule that all the brands Nueve represents are timeless.

Bachmann uses this platform to give opportunities to lesser-known textile artisans worldwide, giving them the visibility they deserve. This brings a unique sense of diversity to the brand.

While the company is still young, Bachmann believes that as they grow, they are learning from consumers, other brands, and overall, the trends of the world. Their main goal is to keep sustainability as the highest priority and play their part in contributing to a safer, greener planet.

Learn more about the company through its official website or follow its social media to be updated about its activities.

You can also follow Cristaine Bachmann on Instagram and see what the CEO of Nueve Los Angeles is up to.

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