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Preston Corbell | Journey to Becoming a Mental Health Practitioner


Preston Corbell | Journey to Becoming a Mental Health Practitioner

Using his 20 years’ worth of experience working in the industry as a stuntman, Preston Corbell has established a broad audience who go to him for advice. What makes him stand out among the sea of professional practitioners out there is that he has real-life experiences. Being a retired stuntman, it is easier for individuals currently going through problems to connect with him and vice versa.

What started as a small-time job, modeling and taking up minor roles as a stuntman in his late teenage years, suddenly blossomed and became the star he is today. Like anyone starting their career, he was living paycheck to paycheck, trying to score all kinds of roles for movies and TV shows.

His persistence finally paid off when he started getting booked for popular Hollywood productions like DC comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has also worked on popular TV shows during his peak years, such as The Vampire Diaries, Dare Devil, and One Tree Hill.

After 2 decades of performing dangerous stunts and enduring several injuries to his body, Preston has finally laid down his cape and picked up another that is in line with his previous job. He pursued a career in sports psychology to help other people like him in the industry deal with all the hardships he had already experienced.

Preston understands what the role demands and what it takes for these individuals to do what they do. So it becomes a source for building a solid connection between the clients and himself. There’s better engagement, empathy, and understanding.

With his expertise in the field, Preston Corbell has found that mental well-being is even more essential in this line of work because there’s a lot of mental strain that goes unaddressed. This leads to overcompensation which ultimately makes the situation even worse than before.

But with the help of proper guidance through these kinds of injuries and teaching them pain management skills, Preston hopes to inspire young minds to take healthier steps when recuperating from such situations.

Speaking from experience, he knows how much an injury can dampen the souls of exciting young and upcoming stars in the industry. He has been in those same shoes, which is why he understands how mentally draining it is when an injury or an accident keeps you away from work for a long time.

With social media being the go-to more most people nowadays, Preston has also opted to take that path. He has created a YouTube channel where he interacts with his audience about the importance of mental health in sports. What Preston wishes to portray to his viewers is motivation to keep going even when the future seems bleak.

Since he already had first-hand experience with how it works, it’s not difficult to connect with his audience.

Overall, Corbell’s contribution to this department deserves all the support and respect. He’s raising awareness and breaking stereotypes by being a spokesperson for the ones who need a voice.

Follow him on Instagram to stay updated or check out his website. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for more content.

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