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Estēvan – Breaking Boundaries Through the AFROLATINO EP


Estēvan – Breaking Boundaries Through the AFROLATINO EP

Born amid Ottawa’s culturally vibrant landscape, Estēvan’s innate love for music led him to the world of beats, rhythms, and melodies when his teenage years barely began. From co-founding the group Nöstravé, a venture enjoying high-profile European tours and distinct performances, including Finland’s 2014 Weekend Festival, this artist has always been one to break conventions.

However, Estēvan’s transformative journey truly began in 2017, following Nöstravé’s disbandment. Armed with immense passion and unyielding determination, he relocated to Montreal, devoting himself to fostering his solo career. With the city’s diverse music scene fueling his creative impulses, he kept polishing his DJing skills and honed his abilities further in music production. However, destiny had fascinating plans etched for him, and in 2018, he found himself splitting his time between Montreal and San Juan, Puerto Rico, bringing his music journey into a new and fascinating chapter.

San Juan offered Estēvan more than just a new setting. It was a purveyor of cultural insights, captivating rhythms, and stylistic influences that substantially informed his work. His life there offered the ideal genesis for collaborations with local artists, in a bid to integrate innovative sonic palettes and represent the vibrant Afro Latino community in his work. One significant result of these collaborations was the three-song EP AFROLATINO.

Creating this EP along with renowned songwriter Derek Novah, Estēvan has masterfully bridged the gap between the energetic Afrobeats and the soulful Latin urban music. The project, incubated for over three years, is a testament to his innovative approach, cultural understanding, and his disposition to break boundaries and defy stereotypes. His journey of spending five years in Puerto Rico, writing music, learning the culture, and building connections paints a fertile landscape of musical exploration that one can hear in his music.

Over five years of steadfast dedication to music engenders Estēvan with unique musical insights. His melodies and beats have come to cross borders, translating into the universal language of rhythm and harmony that resounds in hearts worldwide. His journey has enabled Estēvan to become not just an artist but a cultural ambassador. He brilliantly intersperses global sounds with his unique style, captivating listeners worldwide, and showcasing the potential of music to unite and inspire.

This is far from the end of his journey, however. With ‘AFROLATINO’ marking a significant achievement in his career, Estēvan now sets sight on new frontiers. The next maneuvers? A promotional tour through the rhythmically-rich South America, followed by a voyage to Africa, the bedrock of Afrobeats. He hopes to delve deeper into this influential genre and further amalgamate it with the romantic charm of the Spanish language.

Estēvan’s music speaks volumes about multicultural conversations, celebrating diversity within unity. This EP, blending Afrobeats with reggaeton in a Spanish-language project, exists to spark joy and evoke eyebrow-raising moments on the dance floor. Each beat, each rhythm communicates Estēvan’s love for music and his commitment to creating tones and tunes that make his listeners feel an array of emotions.

Estēvan’s journey in music proves that the best songs indeed come naturally, a la his belief. As he prowls the music scenes in South America and Africa, he’s looking to find and collaborate with local talents who share his all-consuming passion for music. Estēvan is not only venturing into uncharted territories, but he’s also revolutionizing the global music scene, evolving one beat at a time.

Want to walk hand-in-hand with Estēvan on his musical journey? His digital footprints will guide you right to the heart of his art. Check out the rhythmic snapshots and tales from his life on Instagram. But for those who crave more than just a snippet, his YouTube channel promises a full-fledged dive into his world. Oh, and if you’re already humming along to “AFROLATINO”, explore the entire masterpiece right here.

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