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Risa Kumon’s Ri-Verse: Magnificent Ode to Music’s Infinite Diversity!


Risa Kumon’s Ri-Verse: Magnificent Ode to Music’s Infinite Diversity!

Introducing Risa Kumon, the talented Japanese singer and songwriter based in Shibuya, Tokyo, whose passion for music knows no bounds. With Risa’s debut “Ri-Verse,” she showcases her exceptional vocal abilities and diverse artistic identity, blending various genres and cultural influences seamlessly.

Risa Kumon’s “Ri-Verse” is Now Available

Presenting “Ri-Verse,” a remarkable musical endeavor by the enchanting songstress of Japan, Risa Kumon. This symphonic spectacle redefines musical boundaries, gracefully blending genres in unexpected and delightful ways. Brace yourself for a captivating fusion of R&B grooves, jazzy vibes, acoustic wonders, Bossanova beats, and the soul-soothing sounds of Okinawa and Hawaii.

Before the album’s official release, Risa’s single “Free” gained worldwide acclaim, earning accolades at prestigious film events in Madrid, South Korea, and America. Risa Kumon’s rising star is capturing the world’s attention, and her music is set to make you her devoted fan.

This remarkable masterpiece owes its brilliance to a group of exceptional musical talents. Grammy-winning mixing engineer Irko, renowned for collaborations with artists such as Kanye West, partnered with the magical mastery of mastering engineer Herb Powers Jr., celebrated for his contributions to TLC and Mariah Carey’s works.

Their expertise combined seamlessly with the visionary creativity of Rolandis “Roro” Ramsey, infusing the project with a unique and pure innovative spirit.

The album cover is a stunning work of art, impressively brought to life by Tokyo’s esteemed artist, Amazing JIRO, known for Face & Body Paint and SFX Makeup. The visuals have been meticulously crafted to harmonize with the captivating music, further enhanced by the enchanting head flower style by the acclaimed floral artist Aritaka Nakamura, resulting in a captivating symphony of visuals.

“Ri-Verse” goes beyond being a mere album title; it serves as a gateway to a realm where music flows in reverse, beckoning you to rediscover and reimagine the melodies close to your heart. Beyond the harmonies, it encapsulates Risa’s heartfelt musical journey, characterized by bravery, enthusiasm, and limitless potential, a narrative she shares with all who lend an ear.

Have you seen Risa Kumon’s breathtaking video for “FREE”? It’s a must-click here to watch.

Risa Kumon, the sensation of the music industry, has confronted challenges head-on, surmounting temporary vision loss and embracing a life intertwined with Retinitis Pigmentosa problem.

Music has remained a steadfast guiding light for her throughout her journey, and now she imparts that gift to the world through melodies that deeply resonate, leading listeners on a truly enchanting voyage.
Be part of the jubilation as “Ri-Verse” takes the global stage by storm! Pre-orders commenced on 28th June, followed by the official album release on 26th July. Revel in Risa’s captivating compositions on your preferred digital platforms, or if you find yourself in Japan, anticipate discovering the splendid CD version at selected record stores to come late September.

Together, let’s celebrate the global language of music! Take Risa Kumon’s “Ri-Verse” and explore uncharted territories where cultural boundaries blur, and the power of music unites us all. Prepare to be moved, enchanted, and forever touched by the “Ri-Verse” marvel!

Risa’s music is a realm of its own. Experience it firsthand on her official music link. To ensure you don’t miss out on any updates or events, visit her website regularly. And if you’re a social media aficionado, her profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a must-follow.

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