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“All That Should Have Been” – Night Wilds’ Epic Journey Through Sound and Story


“All That Should Have Been” – Night Wilds’ Epic Journey Through Sound and Story

Night Wilds, a new band rising from Seattle’s lively music scene, brings a depth of emotion and artistic skill that’s surprising for a group so new. Led by the enigmatic Seattle native Seth Micarelli, this band is poised to unveil their debut album “All That Should Have Been” on April 1, 2024. More than a mere collection of songs, this album stands out as an epic rock opera, promising to take listeners on a profound emotional journey.

“All That Should Have Been” is something special; a narrative odyssey set in a circus environment, following the story of a young boy forced into performance. It’s a tale that Micarelli describes as a release of a story “trapped inside for years,” resonating with anyone who has ever struggled to make sense of their inner world. The album is a cathartic exploration of human development, from the vulnerability of infancy to the complexities of adulthood, delving into themes of fear, confusion, control, and ultimately, self-realization and acceptance.

What sets Night Wilds apart is their unique blend of musical influences. The band weaves together elements of progressive rock, post-punk, and a hint of Phantom of the Opera, with a touch of Tenacious D’s cheekiness. The result is a sound that is as relatable as it is fantastical, marked by a series of singles like “New Jerusalem,” “The Show,” “Confusion,” and “Mother.” These singles, released like breadcrumbs, have given fans glimpses into the album’s musical journey, building anticipation for the full 17-track experience.

Each released track is accompanied by a video, enhancing the eerie circus theme and setting the stage for the album’s narrative. The first two chapters introduce us to Seth Micarelli’s persona as a demented ringleader, setting the tone for a saga that’s both a “musical circus of trauma” and an “emotional rollercoaster.”

The album’s narrative arc is ambitious, covering the lifespan of its central character from childhood to parenthood. It’s a journey that explores the darkest corners of the human psyche, tackling themes like the roots of fear, the quest for identity, and the struggle for control. But it’s also a story of growth, self-discovery, and ultimately, peace with one’s inner demons. The album’s conceptual depth is reminiscent of classics like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Radiohead’s “Kid A,” demanding to be experienced from start to finish.

The pre-released tracks have already made a significant impact, with the evocative ballad “City of Strangers” garnering nearly a quarter of a million streams on Spotify. Yet for Micarelli, the album’s success is secondary to its cathartic purpose. “All That Should Have Been” is a personal journey of healing, reflecting Micarelli’s own path from darkness and addiction to a place of light and authenticity. It’s a testament to the power of music as a medium for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Night Wilds, though new to the scene, is poised to make a significant impact on the progressive rock landscape. With “All That Should Have Been,” they offer not just an album, but a profound experience, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional resonance. As the world anticipates the full release, Night Wilds stands at the brink of not just musical success, but of delivering a powerful message of hope and authenticity.

Stay up to date on everything Night Wilds and explore their official website at, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, listen to their tracks on Spotify, and watch them on YouTube.

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