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Black Bouquet – A Symphony of Emo and Goth in “Pray to the Knife”


Black Bouquet – A Symphony of Emo and Goth in “Pray to the Knife”

Black Bouquet, a six-piece ensemble from Raleigh, North Carolina, is making waves in the music world with their unique symphony of sounds that seamlessly blend emo, goth, and post-punk. With the impending release of their debut album “Pray to the Knife”, the excitement among their varied fan base is unmistakable. Slated for release on February 16, 2024, this album is shaping up to be an emotive odyssey through a realm of poignant storytelling and innovative genre fusion.

Formed in 2017, Black Bouquet is not your typical band. Comprising Violet O (vocals), Ian Jones (bass), Hunter Corrin (guitar), Michael Rumple (drums and backing vocals), Laura Mooney (viola and backing vocals), and Dan Irving (synths and backing vocals), the group brings a rich tapestry of sounds that echo the likes of The Cure, The Killers, New Order, and My Chemical Romance. Their sound—a harmonious blend of 80s guitar rock, new wave, goth, and post-punk—has captivated audiences since their early days.

Black Bouquet’s journey to “Pray to the Knife” has been one of meticulous craft and deep introspection. The album, self-produced and engineered by the renowned John Agnello, known for his work with Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Nothing, is a narrative of survival after grief. Told through the eyes of troubled lovers, it explores themes of self-worth, trauma, tragedy, and loss. The tracklist, featuring songs like “My Love”, “Pendulum”, “Serpents”, and the lead single “Run and Hide”, promises a compelling and immersive listening experience.

“Run and Hide”, the first single released, sets the tone for the album with its unique fusion of modern emo vocals and a Peter Hook-like bassline reminiscent of early goth bands. Its accompanying video, to be released simultaneously, is a visual testament to the band’s ability to blend 80s goth noir with contemporary emo aesthetics, making it a must-watch.

The album’s title, “Pray to the Knife”, suggests a visceral encounter with the sharp edges of emotion and experience. Each track is a chapter in a larger story, with the band’s collaborative songwriting and arrangement process ensuring a multi-layered and cohesive narrative. The use of harmonies across vocals, strings, and guitar work is expected to make this a landmark release for indie rock enthusiasts.

Black Bouquet’s rise to prominence has been marked by significant milestones. They headlined OUT! Raleigh Pride in 2023 and were a Hopscotch Music Festival official artist the same year. Their unique sound and dynamic stage presence have earned them a dedicated following, eagerly awaiting the full reveal of “Pray to the Knife”.

As February 16th draws near, the music world is abuzz with anticipation for Black Bouquet’s debut album. With a sound that breathes new life into emo and draws skillfully from revitalized genres, “Pray to the Knife” is poised to be a groundbreaking release for the band. For fans and newcomers alike, Black Bouquet is a name to remember—a band that skillfully blends the past and present to create a sound distinctly their own.

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