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Tradition & Innovation – Mike Rizk Debuts ‘Flamenco-Electro’ Show at Adelaide Fringe Festival


Tradition & Innovation – Mike Rizk Debuts ‘Flamenco-Electro’ Show at Adelaide Fringe Festival

Music lovers who have previously experienced and loved Mike Rizk’s performances are set for another captivating experience as the well-renowned Australian musician debuts his live Electro-Flamenco House Music show at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe – Australia’s largest arts and music festival. Having been viewed before at a different venue, this show has already garnered acclaim for its uniqueness and vibrancy. Rizk, a seasoned artist with over 30 years of performance experience, aims to revolutionise the way audiences perceive music, morphing the flamenco rhythms of Spain with the electronic dance beats of Electro House.

Critics from a previous show described it as “World first, you’ll not see anything like this anywhere.” This sentiment echoes the awe and excitement that Rizk’s shows tend to generate.

This foray into Flamenco and Electro House is not an unexpected leap for Rizk. His fascination for Flamenco music led him to transition from classical to Flamenco guitar, eventually creating a new subgenre – Flamenco House or Flamenco-Chill.

Rizk’s musical journey has been fuelled by his infectious energy and love for Flamenco and Electronica. Considered a hallmark of creativity and inventiveness, Rizk’s approach to music has always been both open and innovative. Rather than constraining himself within structured musical norms, Rizk starts with a melody or rhythm and remains adaptable to inspiration – crafting an identity around his music and connecting with his audience on a visceral level.

“An amazing blend between music and dance. The dancers gracefully move with charisma and beauty to a masterful guitarist accompanied by other highly skilful musicians,” another critic remarked, highlighting the seamless integration of music and performance in Rizk’s shows.

An advocate for music education, Rizk has always emphasised the importance of studying music to widen one’s creative horizon and the diversity of their compositions. Though he acknowledges the value of natural talent, he believes discipline and dedicated practice are prerequisites for any successful musician.

Rizk’s love for music also led to the creation of Sydney Backing Tracks – a label that offers a range of backing tracks for aspiring artists and students. The label has enjoyed widespread success, with tracks streamed daily by thousands and used for a variety of purposes.

For Rizk, 2024 is a year of global expansion. He plans to present his innovative Electro-Flamenco House Music show in countries across Europe, including the UK and the Netherlands. He dreams of pushing the boundaries of mainstream genres and transforming Flamenco-Electro into an international sensation.

Rizk’s latest track, “Enchanted“, is a tantalising blend of Flamenco and Electro House Music – a testament to his masterful fusion of traditional and modern genres. It serves as the cornerstone of his upcoming Flamenco-Electro show – a live spectacle that promises to captivate audiences with its dynamic energy and innovative integration of live instruments with digital artistry.

The world can expect an electrifying showcase of talent as Rizk orchestrates a diverse team of musicians, dancers, and vocalists in his 60-minute show at the Adelaide Fringe. His audiences will be treated to a transformative musical journey, one that bridges the past with the future, the traditional with the contemporary, birthing a creative utopia where Flamenco meets Electro.

Set to take place from February 16th to 18th, 2024, at The Bunker at Fool’s Paradise, Adelaide, fans can secure their attendance via this link.

The year 2024 is destined to be groundbreaking for the music world as Mike Rizk unleashes his unique brand of music – a harmonious cocktail of tradition and innovation seamlessly merged in his Electro-Flamenco show.

Don’t miss out on the latest from Mike Rizk’s Flamenco-Electro world. Follow his YouTube channel for live performances, get behind-the-scenes glimpses on Instagram, and visit his official website for more exclusive content.

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