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The Unusuals Release Imaginatively Introspective Track ‘FINNA BE’


The Unusuals Release Imaginatively Introspective Track ‘FINNA BE’

Continuing their rise, The Unusuals bring forth more of their distinctive creative energy cultivated by undeniable talent. The hip-hop duo comprises of seasoned musicians Xperience (XP) and Ninjaface from the Pacific Northwest underground scene. Their over two-decade careers have witnessed the birth of numerous notable collaborations including Oldominion, Grayskul, Step Cousins (XP & Macklemore), and Th3rdz, highlighting the breadth of their musical journey.

Their unique sound, disentangled from any regional influences, is an ingenious mix of grimy, soulful, rhythmic cadences interlaced with striking R&B hooks and intricate wordplay. Ninjaface’s storytelling prowess coupled with Xperience’s evocative metaphors exemplify the duality in their artistry which mutually complements and uplifts.

Recently, The Unusuals unwrapped their latest track ‘FINNA BE’, a collaboration with Fatal Lucciauno, along with a visually rich lyric video. Captivating audiences with its soul-stirring lyrics and gritty, raw beats courtesy of producer SmokeM2D6, the video adopts a minimalist approach to exhibit the profound theme of the song. A static image depicting a Monarch Butterfly’s transformation from a cocoon to full bloom remains the centerpiece, while lyrics dissolve in and out above it.

Check out the new music video for “FINNA BE” on Youtube here

Ninjaface describes ‘FINNA BE’ as a metaphorical journey crossing life’s myriad stages and the evolution of consciousness. He remarks, “Finna Be to me is about knowledge, wisdom; how resilient we are when trying to achieve our aspirations, goals and won’t let anyone stand in the way of building wings to reach new horizons”.

The track’s robust production resonates with an old-school hip-hop vibe that serves as a refreshing change from the current trend of mainstream output.

Apart from their shared past of numerous artistic ventures, The Unusuals’, along with Fatal Lucciauno, bring to the table their singular cadence and lyricism. This cohesive diversity sets them apart yet binds them together, undeniably embodying the essence of a true band.

Music lovers can enjoy the ‘FINNA BE’ video on Youtube and connect with The Unusuals via their Website and Instagram.

As they reignite the golden era of matured hip-hop infused with a distinct sound unhinged by any coastal or regional distinctions, The Unusuals are here to redefine the genre with their bold, disruptive tracks that resonate with authenticity and raw emotional power. Maintaining the dynamics of a mind-meld, The Unusuals continue their musical journey, each stride marking their inevitable rise.

Instagram: @two_unusuals
Management: Damon Moreno

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