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Tarah Who? Strikes a Chord with “Army of Women”


Tarah Who? Strikes a Chord with “Army of Women”

In the electrifying realms of Grunge-Punk, Tarah Who? has once again cranked up the volume with their latest single, “Army of Women.” Led by the fierce Tarah Carpenter, the band’s new track resonates with the energy of an unstoppable force, a homage to the resilience and power of women everywhere.

Tarah Carpenter, a name synonymous with raw musical prowess, has consistently shattered the glass ceiling with her bold presence in a male-dominated industry. “Army of Women” is no exception. The single is a high-octane anthem crafted in collaboration with the illustrious producer Alain Johannes. Johannes, who has shaped the sounds of various legendary artists, injects his unique touch into the track, marrying Carpenter’s vision with an audacious soundscape.

The song itself is a masterclass in balanced production, showcasing Carpenter’s versatility as she commands the track with both her voice and instrumental expertise. “Army of Women” is a compact powerhouse at 2 minutes and 38 seconds, yet it packs a punch with its unyielding cadence and defiant tone.

Listen to “Army of Women” on Spotify, here.

Tarah Who?’s journey is marked by a series of standout moments, from Carpenter picking up the drums at 14 in France to fronting a band that exudes confidence on global stages. Their reputation precedes them, with performances that have left indelible marks on audiences at Hellfest and the Wheels & Waves Motorcycle Festival. With nods from media giants and a history of aligning with formidable acts like L7 and Prong, the band’s trajectory is a blazing trail of rock glory.

The past year has seen Tarah Who? share the stage with icons and embark on tours that have solidified their presence in the rock circuit. The announcement of an upcoming EP, recorded with Johannes and slated for release in 2024, promises to fuel the anticipation for what’s next.

“Army of Women” is more than just a single; it’s a statement, a rallying cry that echoes Tarah Who?’s unrelenting spirit. Available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, the track is a testament to their commitment to crafting experiences that transcend the mere auditory.

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of Tarah Who?, their journey can be followed across their website and Instagram. As they continue to tear through genres and stereotypes, “Army of Women” stands as a powerful piece of their ever-expanding musical arsenal, ready to be put on rotation in the offices and hearts of rock enthusiasts worldwide.

With a robust tour schedule and a new EP on the horizon, Tarah Who? is not just asking a question with their name but declaring their presence with an exclamation. The band beckons the rock world to take note: this Army of Women is here, and they’re not marching quietly.

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