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‘Smooth Operator’ Reborn – Therése Neaimé feat. Raven Reii Drop New Single


‘Smooth Operator’ Reborn – Therése Neaimé feat. Raven Reii Drop New Single

At the prime age of 53, Therése Neaimé isn’t just traversing the vibrant terrains of music and motherhood; she’s redefining them. The artist, influencer, and speaker, known for her eclectic career and global influence, has become a beacon of inspiration for women worldwide by embracing the joy of motherhood in the midst of her flourishing career. Her decision to welcome her fourth child sparked a significant policy change at the OLGA Clinic in Cyprus, uplifting the age limit for fertility treatments from 51 to 53 years. Neaimé’s life choice has transcended personal boundaries, igniting a global conversation about the possibilities for women later in life.

As Neaimé celebrates new chapters in her personal life, she’s also set to unveil her latest musical offering—a fresh (and very smooth) take on Sade’s timeless “Smooth Operator,” featuring a dynamic delivery from Raven Reii. With Neaimé’s signature touch and Raven Reii’s distinctive style, the cover is already making waves on all major digital platforms, offering a modern twist on the classic that’s sure to draw listeners in. It’s become a mainstay on our office playlist since the very first listen. This single adds to the tapestry of Neaimé’s remarkable career, marked by her collaborations with renowned songwriters like Jörgen Elofsson and a series of high-profile performances—including an unforgettable tour entertaining NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Therése Neaimé’s journey in music has been nothing short of remarkable, from her beginnings as a background dancer for Pandora to her ascent as a solo artist with her debut album “Livin'” in 2006. Her discography is a testament to her versatility and passion, with three albums and a plethora of singles painting her musical landscape. Her talents have not only earned her a spot as an opener for Simply Red’s European tour but have also stationed her at the heart of Dubai’s luxury hotels, enchanting audiences for half the year while diligently crafting her artistry through her record deal with Universal Music ME.

The spotlight followed Neaimé to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, where in 2020 she was nominated for one of the ten best songs in the Dance category, and in 2021, she clinched victory with the song “Dance Love.”

With her sights set on the next big leap, Neaimé is currently weaving the final threads of her upcoming show in Las Vegas, an endeavor that is set to materialize within the next month. As she continues to balance the scales of her personal achievements and professional endeavors, Therése Neaimé stands as a towering figure of empowerment and creativity.

Her story and music resonate with the hearts of many, and her presence can be followed through her social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. For those eager to experience her latest musical offering, the streaming links for the new single “Smooth Operator” are available here.

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