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Monochrome Midnight Traveller: Transcending City Nights in Shanghai


Monochrome Midnight Traveller: Transcending City Nights in Shanghai

Late nights in Shanghai hold a particular charm: a blend of ancient allure and modernity, the city never truly sleeps. Drifting through the dimly lit streets and towering skyscrapers, one can almost hear the rhythm of the cityscape. Enter the Monochrome Midnight Traveller (MMT) – a Shanghai-based duo that ingeniously paints this nocturnal landscape with evocative audiovisual strokes, bridging the realms of music, art, and urban exploration.

Founded earlier this year, the Monochrome Midnight Traveller emerged from a passion for photography. Initially, they aimed to document Shanghai’s transformative nightscape post the harrowing 2022 lockdown. The city’s ambience shifts dramatically when the clock strikes midnight, offering a monochromatic serenity that’s both mesmerizing and haunting. This transition, beautifully encapsulated in their video track, “gentle night of Shanghai”, reveals the city in its raw, undisturbed beauty.

However, as the duo journeyed deeper into this project, a realization hit them: the visuals demanded an equally evocative soundscape. Thus, MMT started sculpting their distinct brand of music, characterized by its bass-heavy notes, ranging from the calming and reflective to the hypnotically trippy. It’s music you’d want to lose yourself in while wandering the city after dark. Imagine merging the ethereal tones of UK trip hop legends like Massive Attack and Burial with the sleek sounds of Northern Europe’s electronica royalty, Royksopp. The result? A harmonious blend of electronica genres that perfectly complements the urban night.

For a novice, imagine the pulse of the city, amplified by heavy bass, guiding your midnight strolls. Tracks like “Spaces” and “Reality” evoke feelings of introspection and escapism. The former draws you into a universe where every beat is an echo of your deepest midnight memories, while the latter invites you to dissolve into the mystique of the urban jungle. MMT’s aim is not merely to entertain but to transport listeners into a realm that offers a respite from reality. It’s a journey of mental escapism, where the heavy bass and synth elements work in tandem to cast a spell, making your mind wander aimlessly.

It’s clear: Monochrome Midnight Traveller’s musical endeavors are not just about rhythm and beats. It’s an experience. The duo has embarked on an artistic mission to redefine night music, offering listeners a fresh, immersive alternative. Their YouTube channel stands as a testament to this – each track is a full-fledged sensory journey. This is not merely music to listen to; it’s music to feel.

Fans of MMT can eagerly anticipate the culmination of this artistic odyssey. By year-end, the duo plans to host an audiovisual exhibition in a Shanghai gallery, where the city’s nights will come alive in a symphony of sight and sound.

In today’s cacophonous world, finding solace during twilight hours is a rare treat. Yet, through their innovative fusion of music and visuals, Monochrome Midnight Traveller ensures the magic of Shanghai’s after-hours is accessible to all.

Check out their transformative experiences on their YouTube channel and drift away with their evocative tracks on Spotify.

Remember: As the world sleeps, let MMT guide your midnight musings in the city that never rests.

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