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Fighting for Prestige: Djamel Yacouben’s Visionary Galas Take Over Deauville


Fighting for Prestige: Djamel Yacouben’s Visionary Galas Take Over Deauville

In the shimmering world of Muay-Thai, if there’s one name that has become synonymous with luxurious grandeur and the relentless promotion of boxing’s nobility, it’s Djamel Yacouben. Founder and president of Prestige Fight, Yacouben isn’t just a promoter; he’s a visionary, an ex-professional boxer, and above all, an ardent lover of the sport.

Starting his journey with kickboxing, Yacouben brushed shoulders with the sport’s royalty. His ringside encounters with the greatest in the boxing realm transformed him from an ex-world title boxer to a renowned name in sports promotion. From public galas to exclusive private events, Yacouben’s Midas touch turned every event he touched into gold. And how does he do it? By associating each event with unique themes like “Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties” or “The Casino”, creating an immersive experience that’s as much about the ambiance as the punches thrown.

While most see the glamour, Yacouben focuses on the raw, often overlooked aspects of boxing. He reflects, “For boxers, sacrifices are enormous, without much recognition…our work is cut out, but I strive every day with Prestige Fight.” His perspective isn’t just that of a promoter, but that of a fighter, a warrior who understands the essence of the sport.

But let’s shift gears to the big reveal – Prestige Fight’s upcoming gala in cinematic Deauville.

Prestige Fight’s Upcoming Gala in Cinematic Deauville

Save The Date: One Weekend, Three Fights, One Major Title!

From January 21 to 22, 2023, all roads lead to the CASINO BARRIERE DEAUVILLE. Known for hosting the crème de la crème of American cinema every September, this time around, it’s Yacouben’s Prestige Fight that’s stealing the limelight. The gala starts with the weigh-in of the fighters on January 21, leading to an exhilarating poker tournament, culminating on January 22.

Basking in the success of previous galas at glittering venues like Cannes’ Palais des Festivals and Paris’ Hôtel Westin, Yacouben’s ambitious vision has set its eyes on Deauville. And why not? The man, who was once a USKBA world champion in 2001, today channels his prowess not only into promoting boxing but its various forms – be it English boxing or Thai boxing.

And guess what? You don’t even have to be in Deauville to witness the magic. Thanks to a deal with a pay-per-view network and a collaboration with TV producer Fabrice Sopoglian, fans worldwide can enjoy influencer and celebrity fights.

However, it’s worth noting that behind every successful event of Prestige Fight is an equally notable sponsor.

Axdis Prime: Powering Dreams and Green Transitions

AXDIS PRO GROUP CEO, Thierry Hourquet (Left)

Powering the grandeur of Prestige Fight galas is Axdis Prime. Their vision? To produce, manage, store, and utilize energy efficiently, ensuring everyone’s well-being. Axdis Prime isn’t just about providing solar panels for self-consumption; they’re a holistic solution that encompasses energy storage, efficient installations, and helping individuals and professionals transition to eco-friendly energy solutions. With a focus on energy renovation and significant savings, Axdis Prime stands as a pillar of support for RGE professionals and individuals alike.

Prestige Fight and Axdis Prime share more than just a professional relationship. It’s a bond cemented by mutual respect for excellence, quality, and the ambition to make a difference.

In a nutshell, as Deauville gears up for a weekend of power-packed boxing and unrivaled glamour, it’s clear that Yacouben’s Prestige Fight, supported by Axdis Prime, is more than just an event; it’s an experience.

Dive deeper into the world of Prestige Fight on their Instagram or visit their official website. It’s not just about the punches, the knockouts, or the titles; it’s about passion, dedication, and the undying spirit of the sport.

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