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Seth Hilary Jackson: From Behind-The-Scenes Songwriter to Solo Spotlight


Seth Hilary Jackson: From Behind-The-Scenes Songwriter to Solo Spotlight

The music industry might be a cacophonous tapestry of rising talents, but few narratives resound as powerfully as Seth Hilary Jackson’s. Here’s a songwriter whose sound is a harmonious blend of classic rock, country, and pop – an auditory journey from nostalgia to innovation. Imagine Tim McGraw, Tom Petty, and Pink Floyd in a jam session. The result? Seth Hilary Jackson.

Venture into Seth’s world, and you’ll encounter songs touching on a spectrum of human emotions: the trials and tribulations of relationships, the depths of mental health struggles, and the polarizing terrain of politics. While many artists shy away from heavy themes, Seth’s mission is simple yet profound: to use his music as a beacon of hope and positivity.

Seth had plenty of behind-the-scenes experience before he began his public musical journey in 2017. For decades, this maestro was the silent powerhouse behind countless songs licensed to other artists and media platforms. But at 62, he decided to step into the spotlight, a decision that would change his trajectory and enrich the musical landscape.

Under the mentorship of Los Angeles producer Kevin Fisher, Seth crafted his debut album. But growth is synonymous with change. Seth moved to New York, embraced music production, and transformed his musical venture into a DIY symphony.

His credentials? Impressive. Seth’s songs have found homes with numerous artists and have graced both film and TV screens. Notably, his track “Wait ‘till I Get My Hands on You” clinched the top spot on the European Country Music Association charts. And let’s not forget about “Oh, My Badness,” which got featured in the award-winning album “Country Inside” by the Austrian sensation, Rhythm 4 Boots. American Songwriter magazine recognized his prowess, and he served as the Los Angeles Regional Coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

But perhaps the most touching feather in his cap was the Presidential invitation he received to the White House for “Pfc Ross A. McGinnis”, an emotional tribute to a brave soldier. That honor speaks volumes about Seth’s caliber.

Seth’s story began the day he watched The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. This was the ’60s, and Seth was just 10. The infectious energy of rock legends like The Doors, The Who, and Jethro Tull would later mesmerize him. But it wasn’t just rock. The soulful tunes of Carole King, CSNY, and James Taylor found a special place in his heart. And in 1973, a Grateful Dead concert transformed Seth into a lifelong “Deadhead”.

How did this aficionado start? Seth’s tale revolves around sibling rivalry and love. Envious of his elder brother’s songwriting skills, Seth felt a void. He didn’t even play an instrument. But a pivotal conversation at 28 changed everything. Urged by his brother to pen a song, Seth crafted the witty “Job Search Blues” during his MBA days at the Wharton School. From a corporate grind to songwriting at the Grove School of Music, his trajectory was clear – and it took him places.

Despite his success, life threw Seth a curveball in the form of “Long COVID.” But like the true artist he is, Seth channeled his struggle into “Long Haul,” a song capturing the essence of this debilitating condition. This track isn’t just about self-expression but also a beacon for those suffering from the same condition.

In essence, Seth Hilary Jackson is a musical sorcerer with a penchant for crafting memorable tunes. His voice perfectly complements his lyrical brilliance. As he releases “Long Haul,” he stands as a testament to resilience in the face of adversity.

For those eager to immerse themselves in the melodious universe of Seth Hilary Jackson, the best starting point is his official website: Connect with him on Facebook to catch the latest updates and share in his musical journey. Dive deeper into his thoughts and announcements on Twitter. For a visual treat, Seth’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of musical videos and performances. And for those on the cutting edge of social media, follow his creative exploits on TikTok. Finally, if you’re keen on connecting further, check out his profile on Spoutible. Happy listening!

Seth Hilary Jackson, folks – the musical maestro who’s proof that passion knows no age and challenges are but stepping stones to greatness.

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