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Reinvention of a Classic by Jenn Vix – ‘In The Air Tonight’


Reinvention of a Classic by Jenn Vix – ‘In The Air Tonight’

In the echelons of modern music, an artist known for her signature vocal style elegantly saunters between genres with a performer’s prowess and a poet’s passion. Jenn Vix, the enigmatic singer-songwriter from Rhode Island, continues to distinguish her sound with an intoxicating blend of alternative rock and electronica, bathed in the sultry darkness of the new wave. Her voice has often been compared to the haunting clarity of iconic artists such as Annie Lennox or the edgy grit of Shirley Manson, yet Vix maintains a unique flavour that’s entirely her own.

The crests and troughs of her rich, vibrant vocals are reminiscent of celebrated artists such as Florence Welch, Halsey, and P!nk. Perhaps, it is her unique ability to masterfully juggle powerful emotions within her music that continues to fascinate listeners. The 2023 cover of Phil Collins’ legendary “In The Air Tonight” is a prime example of Vix’s consistent ability to twist classics into a fresh, contemporary sound. The accompanying official music video carries the same enigmatic energy, creatively mirroring the song’s visceral feeling.

Vix is not just renowned for her emotional prowess; she’s also celebrated for her versatility. Her chameleon-like talent is evident in contributions to Bob Robertson’s singing skeleton group, Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers, and providing vocals for songs by Rodney Linderman of the Dead Milkmen. This eclectic range of collaborations anchors Vix’s creative history strongly within multiple facets of the music industry.

It’s her cover of Phil Collins’ timeless classic, however, that has underscored the more profound aspects of her musical capabilities. “In The Air Tonight” significantly encapsulates Vix’s affinity for exquisite renditions. Her collaboration with the legendary Vernon Reid of Living Colour fame enhances the rich musical palate of this cover, with his tastefully positioned guitar riffs complementing her emotionally charged delivery.

Vix has often attributed her inkling towards “In The Air Tonight” to her childhood dreams. The bond between Vernon Reid and her accentuates the heartfelt appreciation shared for this classic. This connective thread of shared sentimentality and musical respect makes their collaboration more transcendent.

Born in Providence and currently based in Boston, Vix is an artist of many talents. Beyond her hypnotic voice, she boasts proficiency in several instruments, including drums and synthesizers. It’s a musical cocktail that contributes to her personal ethos as an artist — the ability to create, experiment, and persistently tread the path less traveled in the pursuit of innovative sounds.

Throughout her career, she has developed a growing list of collaborations with revered artists across multiple genres, skillfully fusing rock with electronic elements to create a mesmerizing soundscape that challenges traditional structures. Her dynamic nature is also evident in Feeney Vix, a Post-Punk duo she is part of, alongside guitarist and lead vocalist Feeney.

Revel in the melodious charm of Vix’s “In The Air Tonight” on YouTube and listen to its ethereal notes on Spotify. Connect with her musical journey on Soundcloud, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and her Official Website.

Jenn Vix is not just defined by her plethora of releases, collaborations, and accolades though. Her stage presence, the palpable electric energy she emanates, adapts organically to the venue, whether an intimate space or a grander stage. This captivating persona has solidified her reputation in the global music industry, much to the admiration of her dedicated listeners. Between her multifaceted music career and enticing vocal style, Jenn Vix remains a provocateur in the world of music, constantly pushing the envelope of artistic convention to stand out amidst a cacophony of voices.

Having already gifted us with several greatly appreciated solo albums, EPs, and singles, Vix is set to continue her melodic journey. With every sound she emits or string she strums, the measure of Jenn Vix’s talent is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the transforming power of music. Above all, Vix is a beacon of creative resilience, a compelling testament to the immense potential of artistic expression.

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