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Unleashing Musical Synergy In ‘The Rain Shadow’: A Dive into MVI’s Eclectic Oeuvre


Unleashing Musical Synergy In ‘The Rain Shadow’: A Dive into MVI’s Eclectic Oeuvre

In the realm of genre-bending instrumental music, Mark Vickness Interconnected (MVI) has delivered a compelling symphony that transcends the norm, reflecting the kaleidoscopic diversity intrinsic to the human family. Their recent album, “In The Rain Shadow,” echoes this spirit of oneness in a harmonious dance of sounds, which caters to enthusiasts of jazz, classical, progressive rock, and beyond.

The ensemble, consisting of seven virtuosos, embodies a musical mandala, with the singular vision of interconnectedness resonating through each composition. MVI is a breathtaking composition of a classical trio, a jazz quartet, oboes, violins, pulsating percussion instruments, and much more. Every esteemed artist brings a diverse palate of musical understanding and experience, flourishing under Mark Vickness’s proficient aegis.

The album is a splendid canvas colored with myriad musical influences ranging from funk, raga-style improvisation, and rock power chords, to Irish 12/8 romp, and ambient textural tapestry. Each musician plays with infectious energy, marking every track with an audible signature of uniqueness.

Two highlights, among many, from the album are encapsulated in live videos titled “In The Rain Shadow” and “Roadrunner.” Here, one can savour the scintillating artistry of the ensemble as they delve into the heart of their new fusion masterpiece. Additionally, the album is available for streaming on Spotify.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, MVI’s latest release manifests Mark Vickness’s journey as a celebrated composer and modern fingerstyle guitarist. With exemplary training encompassing classical piano, guitar, sitar, tabla, and a broad spectrum of genres, coupled with collaborations with world-class musicians like The Turtle Island String Quartet, he creates a distinctive, multi-genre experience.

The compositions in “In The Rain Shadow” draw heavily from the mystique of California’s Owens Valley’s high desert, where the members reside– quite literally in the rain shadow. They incorporate elements that reflect the paradoxically tranquil yet awe-inspiring phenomena unique to the rain shadow region, resulting in pieces that mirror the serene vastness and profound beauty of this unique geological spectacle.

With a unique blend of East and West reflecting in his musical spectrum, Mark has garnered a string of accolades and rave reviews. Bob Mulvey from The Progressive Aspect comments on ‘In The Rain Shadow’ as a world-class fusion masterpiece, and British Modern Fingerstyle phenom Jon Gomm applauds it as a harmonious showcase that appeals globally. Acoustic Double-Neck master Ian Ethan Case praises the album for its “flawless, graceful delivery and total clarity of intent.”

Adding a feather to his cap, Vickness was included in Robert Cassard’s video, ‘Best Guitarist Composer You’ve Never Heard,” further cementing his stature in the realm of innovative music creators.

“In The Rain Shadow,” an unparalleled mix of progressive acoustic, instrumental, world music, jazz fusion, and much more, is a perfect ensemble for those inclined towards an immersive musical narrative that goes beyond the conventional. The inspired offerings of Vickness and MVI await your eager ears on their official website, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple. You can also connect with them via their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The exceptional virtuosity and the inimitable vision of MVI resonate in “In The Rain Shadow.” This musical opus translates a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature into a harmoniously arranged acoustic web, inviting listeners on a transcendent journey of sublime melodies that echo with the rhythms of human interconnectedness.

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