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Chad Ehlers | Influencer Changing Lives with ChadChange


Chad Ehlers | Influencer Changing Lives with ChadChange

If you had the opportunity, would you give up your profession to become a full-time social media influencer? Not many of us would be willing to take that risk, but not Chad Ehlers.

The decision to launch the ChadChange Movement is one of the best steps that has helped and saved people’s lives from all parts of the world. Read about Chad Ehlers and how he has helped so many families over the years.

Early Struggles of Chad Ehlers

Before becoming a TikTok sensation, Chad Ehlers used to work in the medical field as a nurse in Cleveland, Tennessee. But he felt his job wasn’t giving him the passion he was looking for.

The New Orleans native moved to Alabama for his studies, but he became broke while he was still studying. He had no place to call home except his car, where he would sleep in.

A single father of two daughters, the New Orleans native, had a rough past where his first wife took her own life because of depression. His 2-year-old daughter Mia was then diagnosed with leukemia in 2019.

If it was anyone else, they would want to give up on life when everything seems to be falling apart. But Chad’s perseverance and optimistic mindset propelled him to become one of the most successful social media influencers today.

The Rise of Da_Chad

The 38-year-old found no problem connecting with a large group of audience. Giving up his medical studies and career, he went on to become a full-time TikTok influencer.

With a charming and friendly personality, Chad Ehlers is a natural when it comes to entertaining and putting smiles on people’s faces. Currently, he is one of the most prominent content creators of TikTok.

Chad Ehlers rocked his social platform under the username Da_Chad. He started the ChadChange Movement through this platform, where he is both the founder and leader.

ChadChange Movement

If you’re wondering what the ChadChange Movement is all about, you’ll learn in a while. This movement was launched by Chad and is a support group where anyone hurting and trying to find the will to start again can unite and uplift each other.

Many people found it a safe haven as a part of the ChadChange Movement. The international group currently has over 300 registered members from all parts of the world. Every member is important, and each of them is inspired and motivated on a daily basis.

Members of the ChadChange Movement only have positive things to say about it. They share how the group’s support has helped them get through their struggles and even saved lives. 

The beauty of the ChadChange Movement is that it isn’t limited only to the members. Each month, the charitable group continues to support unfortunate families they come across on social media. How do they fund the charities?

Da_Chad’s social media accounts have various live programs that bring in money for charity.

Despite the hardships he had to go through, Chad Ehlers is always full of life and smiles. His jolly personality and infectious energy always make people laugh or smile. Not many people know better than him that a smile can make anyone’s day brighter, even without them realizing it.

Get the best of your day by joining in on the road to happiness with Chad Ehlers. Find him on TikTok and Instagram, where he has over 3.2M and 256K followers, respectively. His love and affection for his daughter Mia will be clear once you scroll through his posts. Chad Ehlers truly is a heaven-sent angel to work wonders in the lives of those people who are less fortunate. 

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