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How Ali Ciwanro Helped J.Cole With His Hit Album: The Off Season


How Ali Ciwanro Helped J.Cole With His Hit Album: The Off Season

Budding songwriter and lyricist Ali Ciwanro gets a big break after seasoned rapper J. Cole gets in touch with him.

The Budding Ghostwriter: Ali Ciwanro

Ali Ciwanro might not be a name that you’ve come across in the tabloids, but all that is about to change soon. The 21-year-old lyricist hails from Germany, where he worked as a songwriter for several German artists. His lyrical genius and unique form of expression soon caught the wire, getting the attention of big-time artists and music producers.

His call to fame came when 50 Cent featured him on ‘Thisis50’. It was a big deal for the Ciwanro, who eventually became known to the US music industry. He was on the rise pretty soon, working with esteemed artists like J.Cole, TY Dolla $ign, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B, amongst others.

Today, he is considered a valuable talent and has numerous accomplishments attached to his persona. It is reported, he’s worked on 9 Gold certified songs as well as 4 Gold certified albums. Moreover, it has also been reported this upcoming musician has also worked on 2 Platinum-certified songs and 1 Platinum album. Quite a lot for a 21-year-old!

What Made J. Cole Approach Ali Ciwanro?

J. Cole is one of the most influential rappers in the music industry. Not only is he an accomplished rapper with sick lyrical rhymes, but his music also speaks to the masses and connects with them on a deep level. He has always looked for ways to perfect his compositions and takes help from several talented writers.

It’s been reported, Cole came across some of Ciwanro’s older works and was deeply touched and inspired by his similies and multisyllabic rhyme chains. He knew he had to tap into the potential of this upcoming musician, and that’s what he did.

J.Cole eventually contacted Ciwanro on social media and, after several interactions, asked him to collaborate on his upcoming album, ‘The Off Season.’ Ciwanro was stunned at first and even thought it was too good to be true, suspecting that a fake profile was contacting him. The 21-year-old creative artist finally confirmed that it was a real offer and got to work immediately.

The Off Season

The Off Season is the latest and perhaps the best album by rapper and music producer J. Cole. He finally returned to his inner persona and focused all his abilities on something he does best; rapping! His fans found the album to be one of his most influential and meaningful works, and the album is considered one of the artists greatest works.

The German songwriter knew how to add his touch to this album special and sprayed it with his unique approach. The project has 12 golden tracks full of creative ideas, powerful lyrics, and unique vibes. This has been Cole’s greatest album yet, and he acknowledges all the help of those involved in the ordeal.

We’re certain the two will collaborate again in the future and bring some fresh and new tracks together. We aren’t sure what the future holds for Ali Ciwanro, but we know this talented writer will soon find himself with many more projects into 2023.



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