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YungDior: The Upcoming Artist With Dreams of Starting Heartbreak Studio


YungDior: The Upcoming Artist With Dreams of Starting Heartbreak Studio

There’s nothing much to explain about the title of this article. YungDior is an artist who is manifesting all the good things he wishes to happen in his life and working towards them. 

And no, the heartbreak studio is not literally a studio for heartbroken people. It is part of YungDior’s 5-year plan to make it so prominent in the music industry that he can start his studio, which he will call the heartbreak studio.

Just from this, you already have an idea of the big dreamer that is YungDior. But wait till you read the rest of the story behind how he came to be, and most importantly, what’s up with the name, YungDior?

Stage Name: YungDior

If the first thing that pops into your head when you hear his stage name is the luxury brand Dior, you know that he has successfully manifested at least part of his plan.

His actual birth name is Francisco Forester II, but his dream about collaborating with Dior one day was so big that he created a name that he wished to manifest into a reality.

In fact, he has written a song that he thinks will go very well with the brand and hopes to work with them in the future. Talk about manifestations!

Music And YungDior

Diving deeper into his history with music, it might come as no surprise that he, like many other aspiring artists, has been inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld, GreenDay, Eminen, mac Miller, and Kanye West. 

These big name musicians in the industry can even be used synonymously with words like inspiration and influence. That’s how big of an impact they have had on the younger, upcoming artists, with Franciso being one of them.

However, it is not today that Francisco is just one among the crowd. His musical roots date back to his childhood days when he hung out with his older musician cousins at the back of his house in a makeshift studio shed. 

Destiny Or Hard Work?

Watching his elders make their music and work their way up in the industry truly had a significant impact on Francisco. His principle in making music is all about hard work and dedication. 

He doesn’t believe in the saying that you need luck, money, talent, and connections to create good music or make it in the industry. If there’s anything that his musical influences like Eminem and Juice Wrld taught him, the underdog story can be a reality, and that is precisely what he aims to do.

The Future Of YungDior

The coming days look very promising for YungDior. Although he is enlisted in the Army right now, his passion is still burning, and this desire drives him to work on his dreams, make it big in the industry, and eventually open his studio. 

Throughout this process, Francisco’s thoughts are with his family as well. He hopes to give them a good quality of life through the money he makes from his music.

Get in touch with YungDior through Instagram or Twitter or add him on Snapchat (francisc6346).

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