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DJ Wade – Artist Reimagining Music with Dasvibes


DJ Wade – Artist Reimagining Music with Dasvibes

The excessively commercialized music industry of today remains very selective in which artist or what kind of music to elevate. As a result, many artists of high caliber get swept under the rug. Many of these noteworthy musicians remain anonymous to the wider world, and their creative projects escape the radar of the mainstream music industry.

Today, let’s look at one such artist and entrepreneur who might possibly be the next awesome addition to your playlist.

Dasvibes: An Artist Wearing Multiple Hats

Marvin Wade Reid, better known as Dasvibes or DJ Wade, is an Australian Jamaican artist whose experiences range from DeeJaying and countless live gigs to music production and even mobile application development.

He may be better recognized by his stage name Dasvibes in local music scenes across countries like Japan all the way to the UAE.

As a producer, DJ Wade’s projects boast multiple collaborations that range from dance and electronic genres to soothing and laidback tones.

The man also dabbles in developing mobile apps when it suits his fancy.

Speaking about his music, Dasvibes speaks of a representation of music that can tell a story to the listener or get you to tap your feet and move with the notes.

Where It All Started

DJ Wade developed his passion for all things music and art in the friendly streets of Jamaica, where he grew up. Exploring the local sound system avenues, he teamed up with his brother Bobby and played out multiple local gigs. Locals of the Seaview Gardens in the 90s may remember Wade performing on sound system called, Dub Sonic.

Marvin graduated from Kingston College, where he pursued an IT course. This background in IT would later prompt him to explore app development projects too.

In the 2000s, He partnered up with his brother and a third friend from Germany to begin a music label. The trio would go on to produce and market several successful projects and partner up with other creators across many exciting projects.

DJ Wade’s Tracks Worth Checking Out

Dasvibes has worked with and produced a long list of tracks and projects that could form a decent discography. Let’s skim a few projects you might want to listen to.

What If’ is one of the older tracks by Dasvibes, where he teamed up with singer/songwriter Nicky B. The track’s unmistakable reggae groove and skanking bass line remind you of classic reggae beats.

DJ Wade frankly speaks about his love for Sean Paul’s music. And ‘The System’ with Teacha Dee is an awesome callback to the famous Jamaican rapper’s dancehall themes.

If you’re in the mood for some electronic dance music, DJ Wade’s production of ‘Stickmen Toys Rock’ by Dasvibes is your best bet on his list.

His more recent productions include tracks like ‘I Need You’, where he collaborates with fellow artist Blessed. The song carries a prominent bass and percussion line while retaining the syncopated beats of reggae that we know and love.

Where To Hear More of DJ Wade

Dasvibes is currently working on a super album that includes artists and creators from all parts of the world. The’ Respect’ album promises to be another interesting project worth a listen.

Want to learn more about DJ Wade’s tracks and projects? Follow @dasvibes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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