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BOY CHAD — The Los Angeles Artist Taking Over The Alternative Pop World


BOY CHAD — The Los Angeles Artist Taking Over The Alternative Pop World

Many YouTube comedians have had careers that fell through over the years, but a few hang on through their shift to another path like music or business. BOY CHAD is one of the those people.

BOY CHAD, who started as a young YouTuber trying to make videos to entertain people, decided to take his creative prowess and apply it to something bigger. Music.

The artist BOY CHAD is also known for his birth name Jarrett Holt. He originates from Los Angeles in the United States of America. This alternative pop artist can do anything and everything. From songwriting, designing clothes, producing and singing as well as rapping to editing and creating his own videos, the alternative genius screams professional and creative.

BOY CHAD began dabbling with YouTube entertainment alongside his sibling, Sable, in the YouTube comedy arena. The sibling duo gained popularity before the new artist started showing interest in his music. Slowly, the Renaissance man strayed away from the shared YouTube channel and started posting unique covers on his channel, now named BOY CHAD.

Now… you may be asking, “Why — BOY CHAD?”

Well… In one of the skits hey and his sister would make on Jarrett and Sable, he has a recurring series called ‘Family Dinner,’ and one of the characters present was named ‘Chad.’ In this series, ‘Chad’ was a boy who loved music-related music to alternative pop & punk. He was enthusiastic about making music despite disobeying his parents.

With much success, this character paved the way for Jarrett’s stage name to be formed. At 17, he began making music under the pseudonym BOY CHAD. He started with covers, including Billie Eilish’s song called ‘everything I wanted,’ which gained views and subscribers that enriched his persona and crafts as an artist.

The music industry gained a new genius with the arrival of BOY CHAD. The multi-tasker creates genius wherever he goes. The young and skilled musician never disappoints, whether it’s lyricism, beats, visuals, or clothing style.

BOY CHAD started releasing his music in 2014 with the release of his first single, Feel The Sunrise. Other singles that stand tall on his accomplishment list include his hit song Not Out For The Summer Losing Control, and Hardcore Parkour. His most famous and recent release is Losing Control which talks about dark and edgy themes of mental illness and the need to stay medicated. 

The humble artist has gained a large following and support from his fans. He mesmerizes people with the enchanting underground sound space and the captivating lyrics. Merging art into music BOY CHAD cultivates a different type of pop music that aligns with everything in recent times.

His style is unique and especially brings about an obscure futuristic aesthetic in alternative music. The dark melody in his tunes and the truth in his lyrics make you stick around for more. The music BOY CHAD creates a safe space for people to be themselves and, most importantly, feel free.

If you’d like to follow BOY CHAD or listen to any of his music, check out the following links below:

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