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Unboxed Melodies: The Diverse Musical Color Scheme of Nycole August


Unboxed Melodies: The Diverse Musical Color Scheme of Nycole August

Journey with me as we dive into the eclectic world of Nycole August – the enigma of Texas’ vibrant music scene. Hailing originally from Odessa and then making her mark in Houston since 2002, Nycole is no ordinary musician. Her multi-faceted approach to music, resounding vocals, and the sheer depth of her life story create an intoxicating mix that’s hard to resist.

Nycole’s music palate is a tantalizing blend of contemporary RnB, Soul, Neosoul, and Pop. But don’t be mistaken; she doesn’t box herself into these genres. With a zest for experimentation, she’s been known to dabble in EDM, Dubstep, Blues, and even reggae, always keeping her listeners on their toes. A true artist, she plays the guitar, tinkers with the piano, and is the mastermind behind her songs – from writing to recording, producing, and arranging.

What sets Nycole apart? Perhaps, it’s her chameleon-like vocal prowess that shifts seamlessly from one song to another. Or maybe it’s the rich tapestry of her influences, ranging from iconic figures like Mariah Carey, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, to the revolutionary sounds of Bob Marley, Prince, and Amy Winehouse. And as if this bouquet of influences wasn’t vast enough, sprinkle in the vibes of Toni Braxton, The Supremes, and the legendary Jacksons. That’s the universe where Nycole’s musical magic resides.

Outside the studio and the stage, Nycole is just as intriguing. A mother, traveler, voracious reader, and self-proclaimed goofball, she’s passionate about pole fitness, belly dancing, and sampling diverse culinary delights. From taco truck tacos to a sophisticated hibachi grilled treat, her zest for life is evident. And for those looking for a more whimsical side to this musical maven, she’s got an affinity for cats, astrology, and astronomy. With her, it’s always a delightful blend of the deep, the profound, and the utterly random.

But Nycole’s journey has not been without its challenges. She has faced life’s tougher deals, particularly concerning family and health. Yet, it’s her indomitable spirit and her relationship with music that shine through. She began singing as a child and took the plunge into professionalism in her early twenties. Signing with a Houston indie label marked the beginning of a remarkable journey, where today, she stands as a powerhouse, handling everything from production to songwriting.

For the uninitiated, diving into her music is like delving into a myriad of emotions. “Vocally I am soulful, melodic, silky, with a wide range,” she describes. Songs like “Cliff Notes”, “Don’t Forget Me”, and “Red Hands” on Spotify testify to this claim. Each track is a testament to her life, the stories she’s heard, and the experiences she wants to share.

The future? Nycole is knee-deep in experimentation, fusing musical styles, adding humor to her tracks, and working on two new releases for the year’s end, along with an unplugged EP for next year.

What’s her message? It’s about resilience, perseverance, and the beauty of life’s journey. “Never stop, no matter how tough life gets,” she advocates. “Keep moving, even if it’s slow. The experience is as significant as the outcome.”

In a world saturated with fleeting viral sensations, Nycole August stands tall as a genuine artist with a message, heart, and unbridled talent. To dive deeper into her universe, follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook or visit her official website. Here’s to life, music, and the enchanting world of Nycole August. Happy listening!

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