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Aux Dior and ‘World Off Drugs’: A Masterclass in Modern Hip-Hop


Aux Dior and ‘World Off Drugs’: A Masterclass in Modern Hip-Hop

Step into the world of hip-hop, and you’ll find a universe pulsating with diverse talents, creative ethos, and resounding beats. Among this ever-growing galaxy of stars, Denver’s very own Aux Dior (otherwise known to those close to him as Isreal Brown) is shining a tad bit brighter these days, and for all the right reasons.

Birthed in the lap of Denver, Colorado, Aux Dior’s tryst with music began when most kids were still figuring out playground politics. By age 6, his fingers found solace in piano keys post church services, with him recording his inaugural songs by the time he hit 11. Such early immersion in the world of sound, rhythm, and melodies made music an inseparable fragment of his soul. This profound connection is reflected in how he describes his music, likening it to the exhilarating sensation of a “first high.” He recalls the feeling, “It’s like trying something, and your soul leaves your body for a second trying to figure out what just happened.” With such an evocative description, who wouldn’t be intrigued?

His newest offering to the world, “World Off Drugs”, dropped on September 14th, 2023, and it’s nothing short of a sonic banquet.

Featuring 19 tantalizing tracks, the album showcases Aux Dior at his artistic peak. You’ll find it hard to escape the gravitational pull of tracks like “High”, “Buss It”, and “Die To Be Great”. Released under ‘Who Is Next Now’, the album is a testament to Aux Dior’s versatile prowess. It’s a rollercoaster of melodies and beats, drawing listeners into a symphony of emotions and revelations. Dive into this auditory journey on Spotify.

Aux Dior is not just a product of his experiences but is heavily influenced by icons who’ve previously graced the music sphere. His reverence for stalwarts like Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, DMX, Chief Keef, & Playboi Carti isn’t just rooted in their music. It extends to their fashion influences and the passion they exuded in their craft. They not only shifted musical paradigms but also underwent compelling metamorphoses throughout their careers, a journey Aux Dior finds deeply inspiring.

But what does the man himself hope listeners extract from his music? In essence, memories. The ability of a melody to transport one back to a cherished memory, a moment in time, is what Aux values the most. Moreover, he desires for his music to ignite flames of inspiration, fueling listeners to chase greatness, whatever form it might take.

The future seems radiant for Aux Dior. Hinting at a Halloween release, he keeps his cards close, stating with a touch of mystery, “No one knows; things just happen.” What we can be certain of, however, is the exhilarating journey he promises his listeners, with echoes of life’s unpredictability and the importance of self-belief resonating throughout.

And if there’s one takeaway Aux Dior wants you to have from this feature? Dive into the world he’s created with “World Off Drugs.” Let go of incessant planning and soak in life’s moments. Expect the unexpected and shine bright by being the most authentic version of yourself.

Stay connected with Aux Dior’s thrilling journey through Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

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