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The Baldy Behind Bookeeps: How a One-of-a-Kind Queens Accountant is Revolutionizing the Industry


The Baldy Behind Bookeeps: How a One-of-a-Kind Queens Accountant is Revolutionizing the Industry

In the often undervalued world of bookkeeping and accounting, one company is rewriting the rulebook, demonstrating an understanding that extends beyond numbers, led by none other than Richard Dorman – the “huggable baldy” at the helm of Bookeeps.

Born and bred in Trinidad, but living in the dynamic borough of Queens for well over two decades, NY, Bookeeps is the definitive online bookkeeping and accounting firm. Proudly minority and LGBTQ-owned, Bookeeps demonstrates a commendable commitment to diversity and inclusivity, crucial traits that provide the foundation for their unique, boutique-style service.

As we know, bookkeeping and accounting are vital components of a thriving business. The potential difference in a company’s survival can hinge on one dedicated person. Richard Dorman, aka the “baldy” of Bookeeps (not just because of his hair or lack thereof, but due to his visible transparency and commitment), is that difference. With a clientele spanning various sectors, from non-profits to financial firms, entertainment and advertising agencies, and even the film industry, Dorman has proved that a good bookkeeper is the backbone of any successful venture.

From navigating back-office blunders to ensuring optimal financial health, Bookeeps isn’t just about balancing the books. The firm is on a mission to grow businesses and make dreams come true. Their slogan, “Your Business, Is Our Purpose,” rings true in every aspect of their operations. With over two decades of experience in the private sector, Dorman and his team understand that businesses aren’t just about income; they’re about hopes, dreams, and the drive to succeed.

In an era where remote work is increasingly becoming the norm, Bookeeps has firmly embraced the digital frontier. Recognizing the challenges of navigating New York’s bustling transportation system, Dorman made the strategic decision in 2019 to transition his services to a fully remote structure. The result? An online bookkeeping service that has, incredibly, found 98% of all accounting tasks can be managed remotely with great success.

But Bookeeps isn’t just about doing the books, knocking back an oat milk latte, and calling it a day. They are deeply invested in each client, actively seeking solutions to those cumbersome problems that keep business owners up at night. They are the heart-centered bookkeepers of New York, committed to their clients’ success.

So, what makes Bookeeps stand out in the crowd? It’s their unwavering commitment to personalized, web-based accounting, thorough financial management, and, perhaps most notably, their ability to evolve with the ever-changing business landscape. By offering comprehensive services, from preparing financial and ledger statements to advanced financial modeling and reporting, Bookeeps ensures their clients’ financial health is always top-tier.

Bookeeps is not just a company; it’s a mission. A mission to streamline, simplify, and optimize business financials, allowing the vision of entrepreneurs to become reality. And with a free 30-minute consultation to discuss growth strategies, this online accounting firm makes it clear that they’re here to help every step of the way.

From its humble beginnings in Queens, New York, to becoming the top choice for online bookkeeping services, Bookeeps’ trajectory is a testament to its commitment to its clients and the power of embracing digital solutions.

To learn more about Bookeeps, visit or connect with them on Instagram, Threads, and Facebook.

To all aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners looking for a helping hand in navigating the financial challenges of running a business, Bookeeps offers not just a service, but a partnership. And it’s led by the most huggable baldy in Queens – Richard Dorman.

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