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Rising Star – How PolinaVeronica Is Making Her Mark in Music


Rising Star – How PolinaVeronica Is Making Her Mark in Music

PolinaVeronica, often just PV, is a singer/songwriter whose work goes beyond simple labels. Born in Ukraine and raised in Cyprus, her rich family background includes roots in Russia, Germany, and Egypt, which all weave into her music’s vibrant approach to music. PV’s style uniquely fuses classical and contemporary elements, a testament to her upbringing in a musical family—her mother a classical conductor and her father a drummer.

PV’s music is more than just sound; it’s an invitation to her listeners to find refuge and self-assurance, free from judgement about gender, body type, or race. She champions self-expression and aims to embolden her audience to embrace their true selves.

With a special focus on women’s empowerment, her songs and stage performances radiate self-love and positivity. Through her music and as a dancer, she encourages women to confidently express their sexuality and individuality without fear.

Her passion extends to PolinaVeronica’s Dance School, where dance serves as a physical manifestation of her musical expression. She believes life is short and cherishes each moment to express joy through dance, fashion, and authentic living.

PolinaVeronica’s creative journey continues to evolve, with recent projects like her music video “PolinaVeronica ft Andreas – Careless Kitty Cat” on YouTube. She’s also working on new music, promising more energizing performances that blend sound and movement.

Unlike many artists from Cyprus who seek fame abroad, PV is determined to reverse this trend. She’s passionate about cultivating a thriving local music scene that celebrates and leverages Cypriot talent.

PV’s music blends R&B, electronic, oriental, and jazz, all enriched with classical touches, aimed at lifting spirits and boosting confidence on the dance floor.

Dreaming of collaborations with icons like Cardi B, PV embodies relentless female resilience and empowerment. Her work, including popular tracks like “Careless Kitty Cat,” “The Creator,” and “Daydreaming,” continues to inspire and push the boundaries of music and self-expression.

You can connect with PolinaVeronica on various platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify— where she keeps sharing her journey of passion and empowerment in music.

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