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Mila Nabours Releases New Single “Feel So Right”


Mila Nabours Releases New Single “Feel So Right”

Mila Nabours has unveiled her latest single “feel so right,” a track that perfectly captures the essence of those magical moments when everything just clicks. Released on May 31 and clocking in at 4:21 minutes, this single highlights Nabours’ skillful blend of emotive vocals and dynamic production, showcasing why she’s not just a talented actress and dancer, but a compelling recording artist as well.

Nabours’ musical journey began amid the quiet of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time that unexpectedly opened new avenues for her creativity. “When COVID hit, I finally had the time,” Nabours recalls, reflecting on how this period helped her connect with producer Andrew Lane and seriously kick-start her music career. Since then, she has placed music at the forefront of her artistic endeavors.

For newcomers to her music, Nabours describes her style as a rich blend of varied influences, where each track springs from different beats and sounds that capture her imagination. She aims to infuse her unique style into every piece she creates, making her music both expressive and open to individual interpretation. “My music allows listeners to find their own connection, in their own way,” she explains.

“feel so right” by Mila Nabours

Her influences are broad, spanning genres from pop and indie to R&B. Artists like The Weeknd, The Neighborhood, and Lizzy McAlpine inspire her, especially in how they artfully express emotions in their music. “Their creativity and the emotional depth they bring to their songs really resonate with me,” says Nabours.

With “feel so right,” Nabours continues to forge a deep, personal connection with her audience. She doesn’t aim for a single, unchanging message in her music but strives for authenticity and hopes her songs resonate deeply with listeners. “It’s about keeping the music true to who I am and how I feel,” she notes, emphasizing the personal authenticity she brings to her craft.

This latest single adds to Mila Nabours’ impressive lineup of hits, including “Microwave,” “Memory,” “die first,” and “In My Thoughts.” With an impressive online presence—boasting over 400k followers on Instagram and more than 150k on TikTok—Nabours is set to continue making significant waves in the music industry—and we’re here for it.

To keep up with Mila Nabours and her latest projects, follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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