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Lady of the Dunes – Lauren Robbins’ Insights into Ruth Marie Terry’s Afterlife


Lady of the Dunes – Lauren Robbins’ Insights into Ruth Marie Terry’s Afterlife

Testing the realms of the afterlife and communicating with spirits beyond our mortal coil, Lauren Robbins has crafted an illustrious career as an afterlife medium, receiving accolades from every conceivable corner. From endorsement by Best American Psychics to the voices of the Veil Project, she has been tested and affirmed repeatedly for her astounding accuracy.

Robbins isn’t just an afterlife medium. Her multifaceted portfolio includes authoring, spiritual teaching, and providing end-of-life services as a Death Doula. Multiple television appearances, including on “Married at First Sight” and “The List”, have exposed her to a wider audience, amplifying her influence and consolidating her authority in the field of spiritual mediumship.

One of Robbins’ extraordinary achievements is her book, “Through Her Eyes, The Untold Story of Ruth Marie Terry, The Lady of the Dunes”. This is not a typical novel or thriller but a unique account of Robbins’ work on one of Massachusetts’ oldest cold murder cases. Ruth Marie Terry, affectionately known as “The Lady of the Dunes”, is the murder victim at the heart of the book. Interestingly, the book is endorsed by none other than the victim’s son, a testament to the accuracy and authenticity of Robbins’ work.

In a heartfelt endorsement that appears on both Robbins’ website and the Amazon book page, Richard, Ruth Marie Terry’s biological son, affirms the integrity and accuracy of her work. He talks about the tingly warmth he felt after a lengthy conversation with Lauren, during which she shared intricate details about his deceased mother that he was previously unaware of.

Lauren Robbins, awarded by scientists and producers alike, has become a household name for anyone seeking insight about loved ones who have moved into the realm beyond corporeal existence. She blends her psychic medium skills with her persona, proving to the world that there indeed exists a spiritual landscape. Her fame has soared both in Massachusetts and globally, with over 450 written reviews applauding her techniques.

Robbins’ journey started with a visual impairment developed from an illness, which unveiled her psychic abilities. Despite initial hesitation, she soon opened her first practice in 2007. Her decision came after a family priest encouraged her to use her unusual abilities to help those in need. Now, she offers office and remote sessions, spiritual development training, and death doula transition services, all while working on her mission to prove the existence of the afterlife.

Evolving from a small practice in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Robbins has come a long way, securing her place as one of the top psychic mediums globally. Between 2013 and 2016, she was tested eight times for accuracy which established her name as a reliable psychic medium.

Robbins’ work on the murder case of Ruth Marie Terry encapsulates how her mediumship can touch lives deeply. Through the messages she received from Terry, a woman murdered in 1974, Robbins connected with the victim’s biological son, making the case not only a murder investigation but also a heart-touching reunion of a mother and son in the most unusual fashion.

Delve deeper into the mystical world of Lauren Robbins by exploring her official website at Stay connected and get regular updates by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. For an immersive experience, subscribe to her YouTube channel, where you can watch her extraordinary work unfold.

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